University IT the world-over faces the exact same challenges...

How do you deliver all your applications for any of your academic courses, to all your devices across campus, while enabling key strategic IT initiatives such as BYOD, in a way that doesn't involve the six-figure investment of VDI?

We've travelled the world meeting Higher Ed institutions, and it's no surprise that each and every IT department faces identical challenges when it comes to deploying software apps to students on and off campus. This stems entirely from the uniqueness of the IT environment in a university or college; it's nothing like any corporate or enterprise IT setup!

IT wants to deliver all apps to students in the best way possible, on any device and anytime. Students want to access software wherever and whenever, anywhere on campus and even on their own device. AppsAnywhere brings those two demands together in a way that's cost-effective for Higher Ed.

What's the problem?

Unlike a corporate IT environment, university desktop provisioning is a huge challenge...

You've got thousands, maybe tens-of-thousands, of end-users (students and staff) and a wide variety of academic applications, from engineering to creative apps. You've also got BYOD, campus labs, demanding students (and academics), non-Windows devices, the ever-increasing mobility of your user base, and a fast turnover of your students each and every year.

Sound familiar?

Unlike any business, it's not as simple as ensuring each person uses the same machine all the time, with just a handful of apps. It's likely that university or college students won't use the same university-managed PC twice, throughout the tenure of their course!

And the apps themselves represent a challenge, too. Higher Education IT needs to deliver nearly every application imaginable, to support all the courses the university or college offers. Some of those apps might be simple open source or FOSS titles, but it's likely they might need to deploy some of the heavyweight software titles such as Adobe or AutoCAD, too.

Now combine that with the annual updates to nearly all software titles; a university can’t just sit back and teach last year’s technology, they are expected to prepare their students for the outside world and keeping up with change is an absolute necessity.

Delivering apps to thousands of students and devices

Existing delivery tools don't work

Corporate IT can satisfy their computing provisions with VDI. It's perfect where there's just a handful of apps and users have a one-to-one relationship with their device. It doesn't work in Higher Ed; the costs are just way too high to deliver 100s of apps to 1000s of devices. And when you factor in BYOD, it's just not possible!

And imaging technology isn't a good fit for universities either; the large number of apps and managed devices make it nearly impossible to provide any app to any device, resulting in dedicated lab spaces with restrictive opening hours which isn't great for the student experience...

The solution...

Improve the student experience and increase student retention by making all academic software apps available on and off campus, on-demand and on any device. Give students the apps they need, when they need them, to get their coursework done.

We've built a solution from the ground-up to focus on improving student outcomes by solving the challenges faced by Higher Ed IT. AppsAnywhere delivers software to any device on-demand, using next-generation application virtualization technology, and supports non-Windows devices too. All this in a way that doesn't involve complex and expensive VDI or backend servers, and provides consistent access to all software on any device, anywhere and anytime.

Improve student outcomes by delivering software on-demand

Improve student outcomes by delivering a better IT service.

Students want the apps needed to complete their studies. Give them what they need and their student experience will be awesome, wherever they are and whenever they need it, on and off campus.

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Enable student BYOD on any device, on and off campus.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has been a hot topic in IT for many years, but for universities it's often a huge challenge. Give students a way to access software on their own device, anywhere and anytime.

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Enable student BYOD
Reduce VDI costs and avoid gold image sprawl!

Reduce VDI costs and avoid sprawl by delivering software on-demand.

VDI adoption is a regular topic of debate in the AppsAnywhere office. We're seeing a clear trend of Higher Ed scaling back their VDI, by delivering virtualized apps on-demand instead.

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Turn your campus PC pools into open access 'virtual' labs.

Enable open access learning areas by creating 'virtual' PC labs. Deliver software to any lab machine across campus and give students the flexibility to choose where and when they work.

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Enable 'virtual' PC and computer labs
Virtualize 100% of your Higher Ed applications

Virtualize and deliver 100% of Windows apps on-demand.

While legacy solutions like App-V can struggle to deploy all the Windows apps students use, we're able to virtualize and deliver 100% of Windows apps on-demand.

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Improve student outcomes by delivering a better IT service, on and off campus. Make any app available on any device, enable BYOD and repurpose your dedicated lab spaces, all without the need for complex VDI environments.



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