Migrating from one virtualization technology to another represents a real challenge for IT, specifically when it comes to your end-user services such as desktops and applications. 

Despite the challenges involved and the impact on end-users, many organizations still choose to switch their delivery technologies. So how do you migrate virtualization tools to more cost-effective or feature-rich solutions without causing huge problems for all your employees?

AppsAnywhere integrates with all the leading delivery tools including Citrix, VMware and Parallels RAS. Through the app store-style web portal, your end users have access to all your virtual desktops and apps. That means in the backend, IT can switch the delivery technologies without your end-users even noticing; they just continue to access their apps in the same way they always have!

Migrate or combine virtualization technologies

By integrating with all the leading application and desktop virtualization (VDI) tools, AppsAnywhere enables you to switch from one to the other, or combine multiple technologies and choose the best one for the job.

Migrate any virtualization technology
Minimal downtime for end-users

Minimal downtime for end-users

AppsAnywhere is a user access layer that sits in front of your existing virtualization and deployment tools. Once your end-users are accessing their software and desktops through AppsAnwhere's brandable portal, you can swap out your backend technologies with minimal downtime.

Simplify the merging of IT departments

When IT departments come together, often as a result of M&A activity, there's usually a variety of technologies involved. That represents a huge challenge for both IT and end-users. AppsAnywhere integrates with leading virtualization solutions so you can continue to deliver critical EUC services (apps and desktop) that are vital to your employees' success.

Simplify the merging of IT departments

How to migrate virtualization technologies

By adding AppsAnywhere in front of your existing virtualization stack you can present your end-user computing services in a consistent way on any device, anywhere, anytime. Once you've integrated AppsAnywhere with the deployment tools you already use, and your users are accessing their applications and desktops through AppsAnywhere, IT can then change the way applications are delivered in the background, without end-users even noticing.

Virtualization Migration Tool

It could be that you want to change from Citrix to Parallels RAS to save on licensing costs, or switch away from VDI completely to an application virtualization solution such as Cloudpaging to save money on infrastructure costs. AppsAnywhere enables you to deliver all your applications and choose how they're provisioned to different users in different locations on different devices.

Migrate your virtualization stack with AppsAnywhere

Find out how to migrate virtualization technologies

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