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Meet the team who are focused on improving the student experience using AppsAnywhere and virtualization at universities and colleges across the world.

At AppsAnywhere we focus exclusively on helping Higher Ed improve the IT service and student experience, by providing the best app delivery and virtualization solution for universities and community colleges. We're unique in what we do, how we do it and who we do it for... And we think we're the world leaders in this space!

Find out more about our global leadership team of app delivery experts and software deployment specialists, who know everything there is to know about improving the IT service and student outcomes in the world of Higher Education.

Nick Johnson

Co-founder and CEO

I strongly believe that the right tech can improve student outcomes... One of our customers in particular has used our solution to move into the top 10 universities in their country, and they cited working with AppsAnywhere as one of the key facilitators. I'm not only obsessed with how our tech can be used to improve student happiness, but also how it can enhance the wider academic community.

Nick co-founded AppsAnywhere back in 2009, and leads the company across North America and EMEA, with a particular focus on using customer success to share new and better ways of working in universities and community colleges. With a career background in groundbreaking and exciting technology, and a strong affinity to working across the education sector, Nick is particularly proud of his involvement with universities that enhance student outcomes and become more competitive as a result.

Interests include watching soccer (Cambridge United!), squash and Asian-fusion cooking.

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Nick Johnson - AppsAnywhere and app-virt specialist at AppsAnywhere

Nic Sharp


A very operational CFO has often been described to me as the glue of the company bringing strength, composure and balance to the boardroom, whilst playing a key role in supporting and delivering a vision. I live, breathe, and understand the background to each and every report and number that comes across my desk. However being a CFO isn't just about crunching numbers I have a strong emphasis on managing risk as well as driving performance. 

Nic joined AppsAnywhere in January 2021, having spent over 10 years as a CFO in the technology industry. Her experience ranges from tech start ups to growing to multi-million pound companies.  Nic is responsible for all legal and statutory requirements, financial and treasury management, management reporting, strategy, budgeting and forecasting. as well as acquisitions, debt and fund raising.

Interests include Travel, reading and cooking.

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Phil Morgan - AppsAnywhere COO

Pete Cooke


It's my job to spread the good news at Software2 and shout from the rooftops about how AppsAnywhere is the best way for Higher Ed to deliver a better IT service to students. And with a new university or college choosing AppsAnywhere each and every week, there's plenty to talk about! I love meeting with universities across Europe and North America, learning about the challenges they face and how they've used our tech to improve student outcomes, enrolment, and retention. It’s great to regularly connect with our customers and understand how we can adapt company strategy to make their lives better, whether that’s through improvements to our customer journey or product direction.

Pete originally joined AppsAnywhere in 2016 to transform the business' global marketing activities and build a brand befitting our awesome solution, our global Higher Ed reach, and our widespread community of evangelistic customers. As Chief Operating Officer, Pete now leads on defining and embedding our long-term strategic plan across all parts of the business, looking at way to drive improvements in product development, service delivery, and sales and marketing. Pete keeps a close eye on the needs and demands of the global Higher Ed markets and future trends and takes a particular interest in our customer journey.

Interests include travel, vintage keyboards, American whiskey, and walking his little Border Collie, Ellie.

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Peter Cooke - AppsAnywhere CMO

Tony Austwick

Co-founder & President

I strive to deliver technology that improves the student learning experience and outcomes. I believe technology can really impact the education sector and so far I've been delighted to deliver our "Gartner Cool" technology to over 100 universities in North America, the UK, Western Europe and the Middle East.

Since co-founding AppsAnywhere in 2009, Tony has led on technology and championing customer projects and university virtualization needs. In 2014 Tony co-launched our US office in Cambridge, MA and implemented our technology at four leading universities inside the first six months. Tony has also overseen our growth (from somewhat humble beginnings!) so that we are now one of the turnkey solutions for universities to improve what they offer to students and staff. 

Interests include buffalo wings, single malts, darts, craft ales, tweed, photography and gadgets.

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Tony Austwick - virtualization expert at AppsAnywhere

Ross Miller

Executive Chairman

As Chairman of AppsAnywhere I have been fortunate enough to work with an incredibly dedicated team of professionals, who are all focused on the same goal; to deliver an enhanced software user experience to millions of students throughout the world!

Ross joined AppsAnywhere back in 2012 after spending nearly 30 years within the IT industry from tech startups, to multi-million pound companies, including owning his own SaaS company. He is passionate about using his many years of experience to provide quality direction and guidance to other technology companies. Outside AppsAnywhere he is Chairman of a number of other tech companies, but in his spare time he enjoys spending time back on his farm within the Yorkshire countryside.

Interests include rare sheep breeding, beer, and travel.

John Woolcott

AppsAnywhere Americas Executive Director

Universities in all regions of the US are benefitting from a more effective virtualization solution. A solution built, designed and delivered to meet their exact needs!

John has 35 years general management experience in the global high tech environment. He has held senior management positions in companies ranging from early-stage start-ups to multibillion dollar enterprises. As a citizen of the US, UK and New Zealand, he has not only traveled extensively but has a unique and in-depth understanding of ‘globalization’, as well as the establishment and management of operations in the World’s major markets. An avid sailor and boat owner he has made many ocean passages and has resided in Boston, MA for many years. 

Interests include sailing, yachting, the sea, boats, travelling by boat, beaches, marine activities, and all-things nautical!

John Woolcott - AppsAnywhere

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