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AppsAnywhere is an app store-style platform that gives students access to all the software they need.

Did you know that 91% of students expect to access academic apps wherever, whenever.

Make the student learning experience awesome by giving them what they need to get their work done.

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Our Latest Release - AppsAnywhere V2.12

AppsAnywhere V2.12 Features Brochure
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Download file - AppsAnywhere V2.12 Features Brochure

We’re extremely excited to release the highly anticipated AppsAnywhere V2.12 bringing a brand-new user experience and improving student success. Having rebuilt our UI from the ground up to provide the best experience possible to users, minimizing costs through hardware detection, and introducing other great features to create a better on-demand one-launch process for students accessing any app on any device, wherever, whenever.

What Students Love...


See how Ontario’s York College enhanced their student’s experience by giving access to all their apps, anywhere at anytime, including on their own devices (BYOD)

York Case Study


Learn how Georgian gave their students easy, 1-click access to their software without having to think twice, so they can focus their time more effectively.

Georgian Case Study


Discover how Sheridan College created a better student experience by increasing flexibility, reducing load times, and delivering instant access, wherever and whenever!

Sheridan Case Study

Benefits for the CIOs

Provide equity of access

The University of Vermont enhanced their digital strategy by providing their students with a consistent point of access for software on any device, wherever, whenever.

UVM Case Study

Give students a better IT service

Elon University took a student-centric approach toward innovation to improve student experiences on and off campus. 

Elon Case Study

Make IT more efficient, for less

The University of Dundee used AppsAnywhere to simplify the way they made software available, and by doing so reduced the costs associated with complicated virtualization solutions.

Dundee Case Study

Meeting the IT Teams Needs

IT Efficiency

With AppsAnywhere you can reduce time and complexity  when making software available in campus labs and on managed devices. CLASSE at Cornell did just this back in 2019.

CLASSE Case Study


Thanks to AppsAnywhere, Seneca College was able to make all apps available in all campus labs, open-access areas, and on any student device 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Seneca Case Study

Reduced Workload

At Highline College, IT resources were formerly constrained by imaging and VDI management. Thanks to AppsAnywhere their time has been liberated and can now be spent working on key strategic goals and providing student support

Highline Case Study

Hosting to Suit You

Students learn in various ways, and we understand institutions deliver their academic software in unique ways too. That’s why we offer a range of hosting choices, including customer-managed (on-premises or BYO cloud platform) or our all-in-one AppsAnywhere Cloud solution.

Learn More About AppsAnywhere Cloud

The Perks of AppsAnywhere Cloud:

  • Instant Features – We’re always looking ahead toward the next AppsAnywhere version release. We’ll take care of all your upgrades so you can make the most from the new features and benefits AppsAnywhere has to offer.
  • Maintenance Free – Tidy up the IT task list by letting us offer our helping hand in maintaining your Azure-backed AppsAnywhere cloud solution.
  • Best of Both – Receive the same great on-premises performance paired with cloud simplicity without needing your own dedicated IT infrastructure.
  • Specialist Support – Receive devoted support from our specialist Customer Support and Success teams on hand to provide you with support for your AppsAnywhere platform.
  • Simple Affordability – Unlike other products on the market, AppsAnywhere Cloud has no variable usage costs month to month. One simple annual price for the complete package.

Our Latest Release - AppsAnywhere V2.12

In our latest release, AppsAnywhere V2.12, we've introduced a whole host of exciting new product updates: Refreshing the look and feel of the platform, enhancing features to help minimize costs, and streamlining our launch process with nothing but student success at the forefront. 

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Tech Specs

Tech Specs

Technical specs for AppsAnywhere, including server infrastructure, Active Directory integration and other technical requirements.



Make informed strategic IT decisions by understanding how students are consuming academic applications, including how, where and when.



AppsAnywhere integrates with the software deployment and EdTech tools you already use, including SCCM, VDI, App-V, Jamf, Microsoft and Canvas.