Academic Software Delivery Made Simple

AppsAnywhere is the ultimate cloud-based solution for simplified academic software delivery. With a single click, students and faculty can access a vast digital ecosystem of applications tailored to their educational needs. Partnered with institutions globally, our centralized solution streamlines application deployment, ensuring a seamless and effortless experience worldwide.

On and off campus, AppsAnywhere is a scalable solution that provides equitable access to cutting-edge technology, changing the way education is delivered. Discover the power of simplicity with AppsAnywhere at your fingertips.

A world of apps, just for you!


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On-Demand Access

Students and staff can access applications on-demand from their personal devices, enhancing convenience and productivity, empowering a modern and flexible learning environment where individuals can seamlessly integrate technology into their educational journey at their preferred time and pace.

Out-of-the-box Apps

AppsAnywhere offers a diverse selection of university essential applications that are ready to deploy instantly. With automatic licensing for both our provided apps and other compatible ones, you'll have easy access to over 130 licensed Higher Ed apps, 80+ free and open-source apps, and seamless detection of locally installed apps, web links, and downloads from Day One!

Keeping it simple with centralized management

It offers a single centralized platform for managing and delivering various applications, making it easier for IT administrators to maintain and update software, streamlining the entire process and ensuring a seamless and up-to-date application experience for all users across the institution.

Hosting to Suit You

Discover the simplicity of AppsAnywhere Cloud on Day One! With no servers to manage, you'll enjoy an effortless experience - no complex setup, no maintenance required, and all upgrades are taken care of. Relax and let us handle everything, so you can start right away without any worries or hassle.

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  • Effortless Upgrades

    With AppsAnywhere, you can sit back while we take care of all your upgrades, so you can benefit from new features as soon as they're ready to use.

  • Maintanence Free

    Tidy up the IT task list by letting us offer our helping hand in maintaining your Azure-backed AppsAnywhere cloud solution.

  • Best of Both

    Recieve the same great on-premises performance paired with cloud simplicity without needing your own dedicated IT infrastructure.

  • Specialist Support

    Recieve devoted support from our specialist Customer Support and Success teams on hand to provide you with support for your AppsAnywhere platform.

  • Simple Affordability

    Unlike other products on the market, AppsAnywhere Cloud has no variable usage costs month to month. One simple annual price for the complete package.

  • Streamlined Experience

    A simplified implementation and onboarding experience, where you can focus on outputs, outcomes, and achieving your own goals.

Virtualized Application Delivery

AppsAnywhere enables virtual access to applications, eliminating the need for physical lab spaces and providing greater flexibility in software deployment, allowing institutions to adapt to changing technological landscapes and meet the diverse needs of their students and faculty efficiently.

See how our customers have transformed with virtualized application delivery by AppsAnywhere...

Integrations to enhance your institution!

AppsAnywhere Cloud is designed to support IT departments through a centralized management hub that seamlessly integrates with your current software. Simplify application delivery, updates, and tracking from a single location, reducing administrative burdens. On Day One, all integrations with existing software, including Amazon AppStream, Azure Virtual Desktop, Jamf Pro, and all others, will be fully prepared and ready to use.

AppsAnywhere Analytics - Informed Decisions

Experience the power of AppsAnywhere from day one with pre-built analytics to track your platform's success. Tailored marketing materials will guide students to AppsAnywhere, where common reports used globally will be available. Enjoy unmatched accessibility on day one, as you and your students can access AppsAnywhere from any device, enabling seamless collaboration and productivity across platforms.

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Check out all the features on our AppsAnywhere platform specifically designed to help students and staff achieve better outcomes.



Make informed strategic IT decisions by understanding how students are consuming academic applications, including how, where and when.



AppsAnywhere integrates with the software deployment and EdTech tools you already use, including SCCM, VDI, App-V, Jamf, Microsoft and Canvas.