AppsAnywhere gives Higher Ed IT the tools you need to deliver all your university software to any device, both on and off campus, without the need for complex VDI environments.

AppsAnywhere comes with all the tools Higher Ed needs to virtualize, provision, and deliver software apps to students and faculty, wherever they are at anytime. License controls, Active Directory provisions, Canvas LMS support, Active Directory integration, delivery method setup, and institution-branding for customization of the AppsAnywhere storefront...

Key Features


AppsAnywhere Cloud

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Plenty of Hosting Options to Choose From

We offer a flexible range of hosting choices, including customer-managed deployments (whether that’s on-premises or in a BYO Cloud platform), and our all-in-one Azure-backed AppsAnywhere Cloud solution.

AppsAnywhere Cloud offers instant features, specialist support, and simple affordability all while providing on-premises performance and cloud simplicity in one.

AppsAnywhere 3.0: Our most feedback-focused release!

This latest release represents a step change in the overall AppsAnywhere experience, bringing together several of the most requested features gathered from customer conversations and feedback sessions.  It is the first release with value delivered against each of our product pillars - User Experience, Delivery Methods, Higher Ed, and Analytics - as well as offering AppsAnywhere Cloud.

Find out more about AppsAnywhere 3.0 or download our free Features Brochure!

AppsAnywhere 3.0 Features Brochure

(PDF, 1.03 MB)

A free brochure of the latest features in AppsAnywhere 3.0. Our most feedback-focused release!

Download file - AppsAnywhere 3.0 Features Brochure

Improved UI

The portal experience has been further enhanced with a Dark Mode, additional app collections for New, Recent, and Desktops, an improved launch dialogs experience, and the ability for Admins to jump to an application edit screen straight from the portal.

Delivery methods and analytics

We’ve added new integrations with Amazon AppStream 2.0 and Nutanix Frame technologies. You can get launch analytics for these two methods as well as analytics data right in the admin dashboard with this release. everyone gets a good experience while minimizing costs!

Blackboard Learn integration

Integrate Blackboard Learn with AppsAnywhere to allow students to launch applications for their course directly from the Learning Management System.

SAML Attribute Mappings

It is now possible to use AppsAnywhere without the need for an LDAP connection. Take the required user data from the SAML login and then user roles, provisioning and delivery method restrictions can be set up using the same SAML attributes.

Access applications anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Access Apps, Anywhere

All students need is a device and a browser. When software is launched, AppsAnywhere chooses the most appropriate technology to deliver it (based on location, OS and device), without the user needing to do anything other than click 'launch'. IT can set up to 20 delivery methods for each app! AppsAnywhere supports all the major browsers.

Monitor how, where and when your applications are being used.

With AppsAnywhere Analytics you can see which software titles are being used and which aren’t, so you can find out where you might want to increase your licenses to make software more available, or where you can save money on licensing! Get an in-depth overview of your software estate and make more informed strategic IT decisions.

Digital Accessibility Centre Accreditation Certificate

Providing equitable access to apps with WCAG 2.1 AA compliance and accessibility standards.

Research suggests that up to 20% of people have some form of disability or impairment which affects their use of software. Committed to providing a consistent experience to all users, AppsAnywhere is compliant with WCAG 2.1 AA standards and is fully navigable by keyboard/speech, and has significant screen-reader functionality.

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Use the best delivery technology for the job.

There's more than one way you'll want to deliver apps. With Smart Prioritization you can set multiple delivery methods for each app and order them in terms of preference. AppsAnywhere then chooses the best way of delivering the app to the student, based on a variety of factors such as device type, operating system, geographical location and whether a machine is user-owned or university-managed.

The best part is, all the students see is one 'Launch' button - regardless of their device, the app or their location - and everything else happens automatically in the background. Students have enough to think about, without needing to choose between complicated software delivery methods.

Smart Prioritization with AppsAnywhere lets you choose multiple delivery methods for each applicaiton
AppsAnywhere allows for the upload of custom branding and banners to internally brand your software delivery portal or to use it for IT communication and announcements

Make it your own with branding customization.

By adding your university's branding you can give your students and staff a recognizable, trusted way to access their software. And because it's a single platform to access all apps on any device, it's a consistent one-stop-shop for university software! You can also use AppsAnywhere as a way to make key university announcements by uploading custom banners and messages.

A cool UI that makes it easy to find apps.

Thanks to AppsAnywhere's app store-like frontend - hugely familiar to today's students - it's easy for both students and faculty to find the apps they need, with app categories, filters, favorites, quick search, multiple view options and multi-language support.

Admin user roles within AppsAnywhere

Admin user roles to set who has access to what.

You can choose between three user roles within AppsAnywhere's admin section, to choose who has priveledges to edit certain settings or provision applications. These roles include Global Admin, App Admin and AppsAnywhere Admin accounts.

Download the AppsAnywhere Feature Matrix

Download our free feature matrix and see how our latest releases compare.

AppsAnywhere Feature Matrix
(PDF, 56 KB)

Download file - Download the AppsAnywhere Feature Matrix

Quick links to course-specific apps.

Introducing App Lists...

Arrange key software titles into quick-find lists that your faculty or academics can share at the click of a few buttons. Distribute lists of recommended software for specific courses or modules to students via a URL, or embed the list of apps directly in your VLE!

Flexible license management controls so you can comply with software licensing restrictions.

AppsAnywhere gives you the controls you need to set how, where, and by who applications can be accessed. On a per-app basis you can choose which students have access to which apps and on which devices. AppsAnywhere validates each student when they login, looks at their device and context, then determines which apps are available to them. 

License control and custom application priovisioning

Integrate with the tech you already use.

We've built AppsAnywhere to integrate with the commonly-used tools in Higher Ed, including delivery technologies, Cloud platforms and EdTech solutions, to give you the flexibility and control when delivering academic apps.

Delivery technologies - including SCCM, application virtualization and VDI

Learning platforms - provide a clear signpost to apps from your VLE/LMS

Cloud platforms - Host on-premise or with any of the major Cloud providers

Infrastructure tools - Utilize Office365, SSO and Microsoft Active Directory

AppsAnywhere Integrations

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AppsAnywhere integrates with the software deployment and EdTech tools you already use, including SCCM, VDI, App-V, Jamf, Microsoft and Canvas.



Make informed strategic IT decisions by understanding how students are consuming academic applications, including how, where and when.

Tech Specs

Tech Specs

Technical specs for AppsAnywhere, including server infrastructure, Active Directory integration and other technical requirements.

Key use cases and solutions

Enable BYOD

Enable BYOD

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a hot topic in Higher Ed IT, and often a key strategic IT driver. How do you enable a BYOD policy when it comes to delivering software to students on and off campus?

Simplify how you deliver software

Simplify how you deliver software

Deliver applications to any device, managed or BYO-owned, by providing a consistent platform through which to access all software on any device or OS

Reduce or right-size VDI

Reduce or right-size VDI

Right-size or enhance your existing Higher Ed desktop virtualization or VDI solution by delivering software apps to any student with AppsAnywhere.

Our awesome customers...

University of Michigan

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan's College of Engineering has chosen AppsAnywhere, after looking for an alternative application virtualization solution to replace their existing Microsoft App-V environment.