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At AppsAnywhere, we challenge the notion that app delivery must be complex and costly. We believe in simplifying student access to academic software, tailoring delivery methods to suit each institution's unique environment. We are App Delivery specialists, and our platform is purpose-built for Higher Education. Our mission is to offer a simple experience from day one, freeing students from the limitations of campus labs and restricted access to their educational needs. With AppsAnywhere, hyflex learning becomes a reality, empowering students to study at any time, from anywhere.

AppsAnywhere was founded with a focus on understanding the challenges faced by HE IT and students. We reject corporate buzzwords like "revolutionize" and "passionate." Our commitment is grounded in real-world understanding and a relentless pursuit of simplicity and efficiency.

We are driven by the pursuit to be the world's best vendor for delivering software apps in higher education. We exist to improve the lives of students and make IT easier. We are here to prove that software delivery is not confined to VDI alone. With AppsAnywhere, we're building a product, a brand, and a company that our customers and teams take pride in being a part of. Join us in the journey to create an extraordinary student experience—one where accessing software is seamless, anywhere, anytime.

Our Amazing Team

If you haven't guessed already, we're a passionate team of tech enthusiasts, software engineers, and designers with a shared goal of revolutionizing the way people interact with applications. Our diverse backgrounds, ranging from cutting-edge software development to user experience design, allow us to create an immersive platform that serves the needs of our valued users.

Watch our short video and learn more about us as a company, who we are and what we do.

Celebrating over 14 incredible years of growth and collaboration!

We are immensely grateful for the 250+ clients who’ve been our valued partners since day one. Together, we’ve built an extraordinary network of experts and professionals who believe in learning from each other. In the competitive world of universities and colleges, it’s heartening to witness IT professionals come together, fostering a community of knowledge.

Our incredible team deserves a special shout-out for their unwavering dedication and unmatched enthusiasm in creating and delivering a stellar software product. But our journey wouldn't have been possible without our innovative, future-minded, and ambitious clients, who've shown the world what AppsAnywhere is truly capable of. You've helped us redefine higher education software delivery!

As we embark on another decade of cutting-edge software advancements, we're thrilled to see what the future holds for higher education IT. The possibilities are endless, and we're ready to take them on!

And yes, we really did host the World Cup of Crisps in 2022! Reach out to our marketing team to find out who emerged victorious in this epic showdown!

Solving the Top 5 University Application Delivery Challenges!

  1. Seamless delivery of all Windows applications, including heavyweight apps like ArcGIS, SPSS and MATLAB, to any device.
  2. Enhancing the student experience by providing easy access to essential software tools both on and off campus, benefitting students and faculty.
  3. Reducing packaging time, IT administration and image size, leading to cost savings on licenses. 
  4. Empowering universities to attract and retain more students, encouraging competitiveness in the Higher Education marketplace.
  5. Championing an awesome BYOD experience for all students, aiding universities to embrace the future of learning.

AppsAnywhere, a little bit about us...

  • Founded in 2009
  • Offices in 4 countries, customers in 20+ countries
  • 2,500,000+ users (students and staff) 
  • 250+ universities (including colleges and schools)
  • 130 + licensed Higher Ed apps –ready to launch!
  • 80+ free and open-source apps, pre-packaged and ready to launch!
  • Auto-detection of locally installed apps, web links and downloads!

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Our technology partners

We've teamed up with the coolest technology vendors on the planet to provide universities and colleges with the best new application delivery and virtualization solutions that the market has to offer!

AppsAnywhere Cloud supports IT departments by providing a centralized management hub, integrating with software you already use. Deliver, update, and track applications from a single location, simplifying the management process and reducing administrative burdens. All integrations with existing software will be prepared, complete and ready to use on Day One. We already work closely with, and integrate with the following: AppStream Azure Virtual Desktop Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops JAMF Pro Microsoft RemoteApp Numecent Cloudpaging Parallels RAS VMware Horizon Nutanix Frame

We're certified partners, too

As well as being the official distributor for Numecent's Cloudpaging in Education globally, and an authorized Parallels RAS partner, we're Citrix Ready, VMware and Microsoft partners, too.

Frequently asked questions

We work with universities and colleges across North America and Europe, with offices in both Charlotte, NC (USA), Leeds (UK) and Austria. We also have a team based in Spain, and partners who sell and support AppsAnywhere across Europe, the Middle East, Australia and Asia.

We’ve been working in the educational technology sector since 2009, after being co-founded by Tony Austwick (@TonyAustwick) and Nick Johnson (@Nick_Johnson). Today, we have a global team who can assist you anywhere in the world. 

Worldwide there are more than 250 educational institutions who are proud to use AppsAnywhere, totaling over 2,500,000 students and staff who are using our software. 

Good question! Yes - we work with universities and colleges because they face a uniquely complex and challenging situation in terms of application deployment – delivering hundreds of specialist apps to thousands of users, across tens of thousands of different devices. That’s where the power of our software makes the world of difference! 

Inittially we were called Software2 because we liked to think we do things differently, and as a company we've changed the way that software's delivered in universities, colleges and organizations. So the '2' simply illustrates this new approach; a version 2.0, if you will…As for Feb 2022 we changed the name of the company to align with our product which enables institutions to access Applications Anywhere. 

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Our leadership team

Our leadership team

Meet the team focused on improving the student experience by providing the best application virtualization and delivery solutions for universities and colleges.

Co-Founder Interview

Co-Founder Interview

Tony Austwick, AppsAnywhere co-founder, talks about app virtualization, the role of IT in higher education, how to improve student experience across the globe, and about being a comic book geek.