AppsAnywhere Analytics gives you ultimate control over your software stack saving you money…

AppsAnywhere Analytics shows you exactly how your applications are being accessed so you can make more informed decisions about provisioning apps, choosing the right delivery methods for the job and learning exactly how your software licenses are being used.

By tracking how students have used software with AppsAnywhere Analytics we've saved more than $20,000 on SPSS licenses alone

Kathy Gervasi, Director of Systems Administration Services, Le Moyne College

Analyze usage with custom dashboards

Build custom reports or take advantage of built-in dashboards to see the data that matters to you!

Discover more about where apps are being accessed, through what delivery method, and on what device. You can even schedule monthly management reports, automate emails and export data into a variety of formats!

Save money on software licensing

Because our Analytics engine reports on all launches through AppsAnywhere, so you can see exactly what software is being used when and where. Which can help you identify any potential savings on your software licensing spend!

Build a business case for BYOD

With AppsAnywhere Analytics you can see what devices and OS types are accessing your applications meaning you can enable key IT objectives such as Bring Your Own Device.

Manage migrations with effective data

AppsAnywhere Analytics not only reports on how your software is being accessed, but also which delivery methods are most used. This data can allow you to save money and make more informed decisions when migrating your technology stack.

Beautiful data. Beautifully presented.

AppsAnywhere Analytics displays all your data in custom reports with a variety of filters available so you can drill-down to get the detail you need. See a visual overview of your entire software estate and start making more informed decisions about how you deliver applications to your end-users.

AppsAnywhere Analytics sample dashboard

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Tech Specs

Tech Specs

Technical specs for AppsAnywhere, including server infrastructure, Active Directory integration and other technical requirements.



AppsAnywhere integrates with the software deployment and EdTech tools you already use, including SCCM, VDI, App-V, Jamf, Microsoft and Canvas.