Successful companies get more done using apps anytime, anywhere.

We bring all your software together into just one place and provide you with the tools to make application delivery simpler for everyone.

  • Integrate

    Link with the software delivery technologies you already use.

  • Deploy

    All your software in one place, on any device and on any OS.

  • Access

    Get more done. Use the software you need, whenever you need it.

Consolidate multiple delivery methods into 1 launch button.

Upgrade your app delivery thanks to compatibility with multiple software delivery methods, including leading technologies like Cloudpaging, Parallels, App-V, SCCM, VMware and Citrix.


One app store. All your apps.

AppsAnywhere gives users on-demand access through one app store to all the software apps they need, wherever and whenever.

  • Desktop

    Supports all desktop software, including Adobe CC, Office 365, AutoCAD and MATLAB

  • Web/SaaS

    Whether it’s a web-based CRM system like Salesforce or online accounting like Xero

  • Mobile

    Integrate with public app stores including Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play

Works with any device, including BYOD.

Deliver apps to any platform or device: corporate or BYO devices, Mac or Window, Android or iOS.

  • Corporate desktops

  • Personal laptops

  • Mobiles and tablets

Reduce the time it takes to onboard new staff.

Make new employees’ IT experience even more awesome. Once they login they’re presented with a personalized list of apps straight away, to use on any device, anytime. All software apps in one place.

“Our staff and academics are calling it a game-changer”

Supercharging the way people access software at organizations worldwide.

  • Self-service access

    Reduce helpdesk support calls and make employees’ IT experience awesome.

  • Better management of IT

    Cut down the time to deploy software and update apps quicker than ever before.

  • Software licensing controls

    Guarantee compliance with vendors’ software licensing restrictions on a per-app basis.

  • 100% of apps

    Package, virtualize or deploy 100% of your Windows apps, including legacy software.

  • Support BYOD

    Deploy apps to any device and enable a 'bring your own device' (BYOD) policy.

  • Enterprise-level security

    Restrict the apps users can access and roll-out software updates automatically.

  • 1,500,000

    Users worldwide

  • 10,000

    Apps. Anywhere, anytime

  • 5

    Apps launched every second!