Used by 2.5m students globally to access university software

All your university software in one place, on any device, anywhere.

Improve student outcomes with easier and equitable access to your licensed apps. Deliver all university software from a centralized platform to any device, on and off campus, including Windows and Mac.

Cut the time and cost of supporting campus labs and enable BYOD.

Imaging labs with the right apps is both a headache for IT and restrictive for students. Free your software from dedicated PC pools, enable virtual labs, and deliver to any managed or BYO device, on-demand.

A campus-wide alternative to complex VDI and expensive 'hosted app' solutions.

AppsAnywhere brings you the benefits of VDI for every single one of your students, without any of the cost or complexity that comes with investing in on-prem infrastructure or cloud-hosted streaming solutions.

Get usage data on your licensed apps and see where you can save $$$.

AppsAnywhere Analytics gives you real-time insights into how and where your software titles are being accessed, and on what devices. See where you can save money on expensive software licenses.

How AppsAnywhere helps Higher Ed

The IT environment at universities and colleges is complex. There's no doubt about that.

You've got to deliver hundreds of apps (some of which are huge!). You've got to provision thousands of desktops. You've got a vast number of end-users, and a third of which changes every single year. And you've got a user base who demand more and more mobility and have every-increasing expectations from technology during their studies.

Combine all that with the pace at which hardware and software advances, the need to support multiple faculties and departments, the need to make sure students can access all their academic software wherever and whenever, and the cost of VDI solutions, and you've got yourself an almost impossible challenge!

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Upcoming AppsAnywhere Events and Webinars

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UNC Cause 2022

UNC Cause 2022

AppsAnywhere will be joining the North Carolina higher education industry at UNC Cause 2022 as Bronze Sponsors.



We at AppsAnywhere are incredibly pleased to announce our attendance in the upcoming EDUCAUSE 2022 as a Gold Corporate Partner!

AppsAnywhere Customer Social

AppsAnywhere Customer Social

Come and join us for a social evening full of fantastic food and drink as we head to Denver for the EDUCAUSE annual conference 2022!