How our pricing model works 

What your Higher Ed institution wants to achieve and how we’ll help...

Equitable access to academic software for ALL your students, on and off-campus​. We take a strategic approach to software delivery, that benefits everyone across campus. And that’s why we license on student FTE.

You have the flexibility and control over your own deployment

  • No unpredictable usage, data or bandwidth costs
  • Host in existing datacenter or Bring Your Own Cloud

Pricing variables

Student FTE

'Full Time Equivalent' student population.

(Staff and faculty are free!)​

Packaging credits

We can help as little or as much as you like when it comes to packaging.​

(auto-app packages are free!)

Non-Windows devices​

We’ll customize pricing for this add-on based on your concurrent Non-Windows users.

(scale this how you need over time)

Get value on day 1

100+ ‘Core’ apps

Pre-packaged open-source apps, ready to publish!

1,500 free Credits!

Choose from our packaging menu of 75+ licensed apps

Auto App Licensing

No need to package. Just insert license info and go!

What’s included?

All the features included for a successful project and a long-term partnership:

  • 'Single pane' app store
  • Smart Prioritization 
  • In-depth Analytics
  • All integrations
  • Future-proof
  • Unlimited apps/usage

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