Increase student satisfaction and provide educational freedom!

Technology shapes university life for both students and faculty. From course-specific software to online and hybrid learning, technology is a key in all academic experiences. With AppsAnywhere seamlessly integrated into your university’s IT infrastructure, centralizing your IT, universities can empower students with equitable and on-demand access to all their higher ed needs – all with just a single click!

By providing this flexible and scalable solution, students have access to educational freedom at their fingertips! Gone are the days of being confined by tight schedules or location limitations. Now, students can collaborate effortlessly with peers and engage in their educational pursuits, wherever and whenever they like!

AppsAnywhere was designed to improve the student experience across the globe, supporting Higher Ed IT in equipping students with the tools they need to thrive in university life.

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What attracted us to AppsAnywhere was the instant availability. It allows us to provide software, via the platform, that is instant. As soon as we provisioned it to our students and faculty, we could be safe in the knowledge that it was there and ready for them to use.

- Dean Shaw, Desktop Leader (IT Services), Coventry University, UK

Students need flexibility.

Provide students with educational freedom and give them the power of flexibility. Don’t limit your students to the confines of campus labs – expand their horizons and allow them to choose where and when they study.

Deliver a better IT service and improve student outcomes
Enable student BYOD and improve student outcomes

Students expect software fast!

Deliver virtualized apps instantly with AppsAnywhere. There is no need for installs or downloads, students can access all their academic software in just a single-click!

Students deserve BYOD.

Enable student BYOD and provide unlimited access to all university-licensed software at any time, from anywhere! With BYOD policies, students can harness the power of simplicity and experience educational freedom at their finger tips.

Improve student outcomes by making academic apps available anywhere

How our customers have improved the student experience...

Improving software delivery to 9,000 students across campus at Odisee

Improving software delivery to 9,000 students across campus at Odisee

Odisee encountered the same challenge faced by University IT the world-over: deploying 100s of software titles to 9,000 students, wherever they might be. See how the university are using AppsAnywhere to virtualize apps, reduce SCCM image size, and keep track of software licensing.