Streamline IT workload and simplify how you deliver software!

With technologies developing constantly, universities and colleges have a variety of choice when it comes to delivering applications. AppsAnywhere supports Higher Ed by centralizing your delivery methods into one platform, providing students with unlimited access to all their academic needs, in one place, at any time, from anywhere!

Integrating AppsAnywhere into your IT strategy reduces tedious tasks, support tickets and makes your Higher Ed IT – simple!

Start your AppsAnywhere journey and start reducing your IT workload today!


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"With more than 10 campuses it was an easy decision. We can package an application once and deploy it to all other campuses."

- Dieter De Gendt, Program Manager, Thomas More University College, US

Design your own digital toolbox.

AppsAnywhere combines with a variety of software delivery methods, allowing you to provide a simple delivery solution that saves you time and money!

Manage all your applications centrally
Delivering Windows apps to non-Windows devices

Enhance the user experience from day one.

Reduce location limitations, reduce security threats, and reduce student stress. Provide educational freedom with the power of simplicity and improve the student experience today!

Centralize your IT and save money!

By centralizing all your delivery tools through AppsAnywhere, not only will you save time and money but students will also have a more seamless, simple experience!

AppsAnywhere integration with Citrix and VMware

How our customers are reducing IT workload...

Improving software delivery to 9,000 students across campus at Odisee

Improving software delivery to 9,000 students across campus at Odisee

Odisee encountered the same challenge faced by University IT the world-over: deploying 100s of software titles to 9,000 students, wherever they might be. See how the university are using AppsAnywhere to virtualize apps, reduce SCCM image size, and keep track of software licensing.