Once you've had your demo of AppsAnywhere and you've learned more about the benefits it offers to both IT and students alike, you'll want to explain it colleagues... and perhaps your boss, too!

This page lists a variety of resources, including how to explain the business and ROI benefits of AppsAnywhere, to your CIO or other IT decision makers at your university or college. We've also listed customer case studies, technical/infrastrcuture documentation, and an overview of our implementation process, so you and your boss can get a good feel for our product and our customer journey.

What is AppsAnywhere?

Students from a leading university explain what AppsAnywhere is and what it means to them.

1. ROI and 'business benefit' resources

Your CIO will be interested in how AppsAnywhere adds value to the university's strategic IT initiatives. And they'll also be interested in how AppsAnywhere provides a Return on Investment (ROI), or perhaps even a Return on Education (ROE).

We've pulled together a series of resources aimed at equipping you with the answers you need to raise awareness of AppsAnywhere in your Higher Ed institution.

This includes help creating a business case to demonstrate the need for change, through to a template you can use if the university plans to go to tender for a new solution. We've also included some high-level 1-pagers about AppsAnywhere and its benefits for students, IT and decisions-makers alike, along with competitive positioning to showcase AppsAnywhere's strengths in the Higher Ed industry.

List of ROI resources available:

  • What is AppsAnywhere [Webpage & PDFs]
  • Internal Presentation Template [PPTX]
  • Business Case Template [DOCX]
  • RFP template [DOCX]
  • Competitive 'Battlecards' [PDF]
  • How AppsAnywhere impacts student enrolment

What is AppsAnywhere?

Give your colleagues a short, high-level overview of what AppsAnywhere is with these three useful resources

What is AppsAnywhere?

(PDF, 92.1 KB)

A short overview of our Higher Ed app delivery platform, AppsAnywhere.

Download file - What is AppsAnywhere?

AppsAnywhere 1-Pager

(PDF, 1.91 MB)

In this 1-page PDF, we outline all the benefits of AppsAnywhere: for students, for IT, and for your university CIO.

Download file - AppsAnywhere 1-Pager

Internal presentation template

Schedule and present an internal session about AppsAnywhere to other key university stakeholders, using our free PowerPoint template. The template includes slides about what AppsAnywhere is, how it drives a better IT service, and how it improves student outcomes for Higher Ed.

Coming soon: PPT tempalte for internal presentations 

Build a business case for AppsAnywhere

Once you've identified how AppsAnywhere will add value to your university or college, you might need to get internal 'buy-in' and build a business case. Download our customizable Word template, that comes pre-populated with:

  • Key points to present to management, such as benefits and return on investment
  • A description and outline of the implementation project, processes involved and success criteria
  • Requirements for success and general considerations
  • Alternatives and solution comparison matrices
  • Extensive cost breakdowns

Create a 'Request for Proposals' for app delivery solutions

You've already identified the need to change how your IT team delivers apps to students, that AppsAnywhere is the most strategic choice for Higher Ed, and you've got internal sign-off or budget to get started. You might now need to go through a formal tender process and invite vendors to submit proposals on how they could help and deliver the value you want.

We've put together a downloadable template that gives you a headstart in crafting a successful RFP process, pre-populated with the relevant information that you'll want to know from any worthy 'app delivery' or 'virtualization' vendor!

Competitive 'battlecards'

We're currently working on these resources. In the meantime, please contact us if you're looking for more information on our unique approach to software delivery and virtualization, and how we compare to other technologies and approaches available on the market.

Coming soon...

How AppsAnywhere impacts student enrolment...

  • Deliver a better IT service

    Deliver a better IT service

    AppsAnywhere helps you improve the IT service you offer to your students, by delivering all your apps in a consistent way on-demand, to any device, on and off campus (including BYO devices!)

  • Improve student outcomes

    Improve student outcomes

    With a better IT service (increased access to key resources like academic apps) your students' experience is improved because they can study more flexibly, at a place and time that suits them.

  • Increase enrolment/retention

    Increase enrolment/retention

    By offering a better IT service you can improve student outcomes. And by having better student outcomes, your university or college will retain and attract even more students. Simple!

2. Your AppsAnywhere project timeline

Once you've signed up as a new AppsAnywhere customer, you'll be working closely with our Customer Success and Implementations teams to experience the famous AppsAnywhere 'red carpet' treatment.

Our implementation process is designed exclusively around the Higher Ed IT environment, and we'll will take you through a series of steps from 'Day 1' to 'Go-Live' and beyond... We recognize that there's no 'one-size-fits-all' approach for universities and colleges.

And that's why we customize the AppsAnywhere onboarding process to each customer's specific use cases, requirements, technologies and project goals. We'll help you offer a better IT service to your students in no time!

Here's the AppsAnywhere implementation process at a high level:

  1. Day 1 - you've purchased AppsAnywhere and are ready to get started
  2. Technical and 'roll-out' implementation
  3. Marketing/comms support
    (including customized marketing materials)
  4. Getting ready for 'Go Live' and beyond
  5. Ongoing customer success

AppsAnywhere Customer Journey

(PDF, 1020 KB)

The full customer journey for AppsAnywhere. What you can expect and when, including each stage of the implementation and rollout journey.

Download file - AppsAnywhere Customer Journey

AppsAnywhere Technical Infrastructure

(HTML, 23.6 KB)

A technical diagram for the AppsAnywhere infrastructure.

Download file - AppsAnywhere Technical Infrastructure

3. Next steps for moving forward with AppsAnywhere

We're biased, of course... but we think AppsAnywhere is the best solution for Higher Ed to deliver apps to students and staff in a more long-term, strategic way.

If you agree with us, here's some next steps on how you can get to know more about what our product does, how it does it differently to everything else on the market, the benefits we'll bring you, and the impact we can have on your university, college or school...

Getting started...

1. Sign-up for our trial

Sign-up to our online trial and have a play with the app store, launch a few sample apps, and picture how AppsAnywhere will benefit your university.

Trial sign-up >

2. Schedule a demo

Schedule a product walkthrough demo with one of our expert Solutions Architects, who'll be able to show you the ins-and-outs of the product and answer your questions.

Arrange a demo >

3. Request custom pricing

Request your customized pricing from our sales team. AppsAnywhere is priced based on your institution's FTE student count. Faculty and staff are included at no charge.

Request your pricing >

4. Rollout to Site License

Once you've decided to go ahead with AppsAnywhere, you can setup a 30-day full-feature Production Pilot or rollout to an AppsAnywhere site license

Contact sales >

4. Take our customers' word for it...

Show your CIO some customer stories and proof of success from nearby universities or colleges who are using AppsAnywhere.

Our website is full of valuable customer case studies, videos/webinar recordings, and peer reviews, all from a wide variety of Higher Ed institutions. Learn how other education providers near you are innovating to meet demands and improving their students' experience.

See all customer stories

University of Michigan

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan's College of Engineering has chosen AppsAnywhere, after looking for an alternative application virtualization solution to replace their existing Microsoft App-V environment.

York University

York University

Learn how Ontario's York University is improving student outcomes and student success by delivering software across campus on demand, to any device. Learn why the University replaced its existing VDI infrastructure to deliver apps to Windows and non-Windows devices in a consistent way at anytime.

Calvin University, MI

Calvin University, MI

Michigan's Calvin University, founded 1876, are leveraging BYOD to reduce cost and complexity of traditional VDI, all thanks to AppsAnywhere

Some customer tweets... #AppsAnywhere

AppsAnywhere Demo Request

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