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The future of Higher Ed IT is radically changing. Over the years, we have witnessed education embrace change and move into a centralized framework. Higher Education has paved the way for new and innovative technologies. Over the past few years, with cloud computing seeing a rise in popularity and the covid-19 pandemic, the adoption of online learning environments has accelerated rapidly, transforming Higher Education IT. 

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California Polytechnic State University (CPSU) had an ambitious strategy to centralize all university IT to provide the best possible service for students. Speaking frankly, they described old methods of software delivery as a dumpster fire and knew they needed to work fast. Working with AppsAnywhere, CPSU created the Cal Poly Software Hub, an app store-style platform that gives Cal Poly students, faculty, and staff access to software that is currently available for academic use. 

Why implement a centralized IT strategy?

Improve your student experience by simplifying academic software delivery through a cloud-based, scalable solution. AppsAnywhere helps institutions to become more efficient, financially empowered and ready to scale securely.

Increased IT efficiency

Rather than taking the traditional approach of universities IT departments and managing separate software offerings, AppsAnywhere streamlines the process by delivering each application across the entire institution through a single instance. This centralized system ensures that applications are always up-to-date, distributed uniformly, and conveniently accessible from a unified platform.

Assured compliance

By embracing AppsAnywhere, centralized IT institutions can rest assured that their software offerings always host the latest application versions. Taking it a step further, the platform ensures comprehensive application compliance across the entire organization with its centralized management portal. This guarantees uniformity and adherence to software standards throughout the institution.

Application licensing

In the realm of licensed applications, a centralized IT strategy capitalizes on licensing deals, and with AppsAnywhere, institutions gain the flexibility to deliver these licensed applications to students and faculty seamlessly, regardless of their device or location, at any time, from anywhere.

Analytical insight

Through the consolidation of IT services, institutions can take advantage of AppsAnywhere's powerful Analytics feature. By accessing usage statistics, this valuable tool can highlight critical areas where significant license savings are possible, allowing institutions to make informed decisions to optimize their software resources efficiently.

Infrastructure reduction

As a cloud-based solution, AppsAnywhere enables institutions to streamline their infrastructure network, leading to a reduction in associated maintenance costs. By leveraging the cloud, institutions can descale their infrastructure while still efficiently delivering applications, optimizing their operations and lowering maintenance expenses.

BYOD Enhancement

Enable a comprehensive Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy for all students and faculty members, effortlessly managing it from a unified platform that supports seamless access to applications on any device, at any time.

How our customers are enabling BYOD and off-campus access...