Simplify your application delivery

AppsAnywhere provides a unified platform facilitating on-demand software access, significantly reducing hardware and software costs. It integrates with technologies like AVD, AppStream, Citrix, VMware and many more, boosting operational efficiency.

So you can choose the best tool for the job!

Over 20 delivery methods

AppsAnywhere's capability offers over 20 different application delivery and deployment methods, giving you freedom and flexibility to deliver software to students and faculty on a per-app basis ensuring the best user experience with every launch.

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Unifying your delivery technologies

With Smart Prioritization, AppsAnywhere provides the best user experience, regardless of location, device type or application, by using the best delivery technology available.

  • Launch via a streamling URL or embed with Amazon AppStream 2.0

  • Launch apps and desktops on demand with VMware

  • Deliver Windows apps to your non-Windows estate with Parallels RAS

  • Virtualize your applications across campus with Microsoft Azure

  • Deliver your apps in-browser to students and faculty with Frame

  • Comfortable deliver Mac apps to your Mac devices with Jamf Pro

  • Virtualize 100% of Windows apps on and off-campus with Cloudpaging

  • Integrate VDI efficiently with Citrix & AppsAnywhere

  • With more integrations always on the horizon!

Integrations to enhance your IT service

Provide equitable access to course specific applications with LMS integrations!

Integrate AppsAnywhere with your VLE or LMS platform to provide students easy, equitable access to the software they need through curated lists of specific apps based on their chosen classes. Our integration with leading LMS platforms, such as Blackboard and Canvas, simplifies the process of obtaining apps related to each student’s course.

Choose your own hosting!

AppsAnywhere supports flexible hosting options, including on-premise and Cloud deployments, allowing you to choose the most suitable solution for your needs. Whether it be an existing on-campus datacentre or on Cloud platforms like Microsoft's Azure and Amazon's AWS, our experienced implementations team ensures a smooth setup and provides comprehensive support, regardless of your hosting choice.

Integrate with your essential IT stack to simplify software delivery!

AppsAnywhere integrates with your existing tools, including Microsoft AD (Active Directory), your preferred SSO (Single Sign-On), Microsoft Office 365, including many more, providing the flexibility you require for delivering software to students and faculty.