Spend less time packaging and more time on strategic projects

We know all about packaging software for deployment of applications. Our experienced team have packaged thousands of titles, from 7-Zip to NVivo, SPSS to ArcGIS, and everything in between. Even the big suites from the likes of Adobe and Autodesk… And while our customers have been hugely successful packaging their own apps, we recognize that sometimes more important work gets in the way, and you need a helping hand!

That's why we’ve come up with AppsAnywhere Software Packaging Services; to help Higher Ed IT focus on what matters most, by taking care of as much of the behind-the-scenes work as possible. From automated app packages and pre-packaged core apps to our extensive menu of popular higher ed apps, we’re striving to make packaging apps a thing of the past!

How it works

There are three main areas to our Software Packaging Services...

Auto Apps

AppsAnywhere provides a range of ready-to-deploy applications, which can be automatically licensed upon launch by AppsAnywhere. Compatible applications are downloaded from the AppsAnywhere Packaging Service and can be automatically licensed using existing software license details. The relevant licensing information for these apps can be configured using pre-defined templates within AppsAnywhere.

A license template can then be applied to one or many Delivery Methods.

  • Over 50 licensed applications are pre-packaged including Matlab, SketchUp, Solidworks and SPSS
  • Completely free of charge to customers 
  • Simple to use - you just have to input your license key 
  • We have done the heavy lifting and pre-packaged them for you 

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Package any Windows app with our application Packaging Service
Packaging menu portal

Core Apps

All AppsAnywhere customers have access to a series of ready to deploy license free packages: 

  • Around 50 different applications are ready for you to take advantage of 
  • Completely free of charge to customers 
  • All free open-source applications 
  • Including Office 365, Adobe Reader, Blender, G*Power, WinPython, and many more 

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Menu Apps

For everything else we have a list of on-demand apps, we can package for you. Once you've picked your apps, top up your account with Credits and order the packages you need, whenever you need them. We also have software packaging bundles of commonly-used apps, such as the Adobe and Autodesk suites. And for apps not on the menu or for customized package requests, we offer bespoke software packaging to all subscribers.

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Browse our packaging menu...

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Terms and Conditions

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Training and Certification

Training and Certification

AppsAnywhere are pleased to offer a range of professional training courses and certifications for app deployment and virtualization specialists in education everywhere!