Enhance your university experience from day one: save time, save money, and improve student satisfaction!

Don't fall for VDI as a one-size-fits-all solution! While it works for desktops, delivering graphics-intensive software in Higher Ed can be disappointing and costly. With AppsAnywhere's Smart Prioritization technology, you can use VDI only where needed and deliver apps through the best method, at any given time.

Reduce costs and optimize your VDI with AppsAnywhere today!


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"I feel lucky we didn't go all in on VDI in the early stages. Thanks to AppsAnywhere and application virtualization, we're now able to use VDI as a gap filler, not as our primary application delivery mechanism."

- Tim Pearson, Director for IT Infrastructure & Security, Pittsburg State University, US

Avoid dreaded VDI sprawl.

Tame the VDI monster, ditch the massive images and keep things simple with AppsAnywhere. Effortlessly deliver apps to any device, at any time, from anywhere, on or off-campus, with AppsAnywhere’s Smart Prioritization technology.

Reduce VDI sprawl and costs by delivering software on-demand
Reduce the costs associated with VDI for application delivery

Reduce VDI spend from day one.

Empower students with unlimited app access on any device, anywhere, anytime, at a fraction of the cost compared to infrastructure-intensive desktop virtualization solutions – all while improving the student experience. Make the end-user computing dream a reality with AppsAnywhere!

Make the most of your BYOD policy

Allow students to unlock their full potential and deliver apps directly to their own devices, instead of relying on costly server farms. Make the most of the computing power of their devices with AppsAnywhere and optimize their learning experience!

Deliver a better IT experience for students

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