Modernize your campus computing with open-access study spaces!

The future for Higher Education starts with institutions; Universities and colleges, across the globe, are consistently adopting new technologies, breaking through barriers to student learning, and applying new advancements to enhance the student experience. At AppsAnywhere, we work with institutions to deliver all these goals with one seamless and scalable solution.

Historically, campus labs were a necessity at most universities and colleges across the globe. Often too expensive, laborious, and restrictive, this is not always what students want. Now, universities and colleges worldwide are modernizing their campus labs and enhancing the student experience by enabling flexible learning while also saving money.

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"A benefit of AppsAnywhere is that it gives you universal lab space. Any software is available from anywhere. It improves students' experiences here on our campus because it provides consistent access to software in any lab."

- Angela Neria, CIO, Pittsburg State University, US

Enhance flexibility and course structuring

Embrace AppsAnywhere to minimize specialist labs and maximize scheduling freedom for students and staff! 

AppsAnywhere reduces the number of specialist labs by providing a virtualized and centralized application delivery platform. Instead of relying on dedicated physical labs for specific applications, AppsAnywhere enables institutions to deliver those applications virtually to any device. This means that students and staff can access the required software from their own devices, including laptops or personal computers, without the need for dedicated lab spaces.

Reduce the number of specialist labs
Repurpose dedicated lab real estate

Repurpose dedicated lab spaces

Improve the student experience by offering more flexible and consistent access to software, so students can work to their own schedule and convenience.

AppsAnywhere plays a pivotal role in repurposing dedicated lab spaces by introducing a virtualized application delivery platform. Instead of relying solely on physical labs, AppsAnywhere enables institutions to deliver software applications virtually to any device, eliminating the need for specialized and limited lab spaces. Key benefits include centralized and flexible access, peak time management, optimized resource allocation, enhanced student experience and the power to provide a dynamic learning environment.

Flexibility of student learning

AppsAnywhere empowers students with unprecedented flexibility. Access any app from any device in any location, allowing students to create productive, engaging, and inspiring 'Labs' wherever they choose, enabling seamless collaboration and flexible learning. This approach enhances engagement, promotes collaboration, and adapts to individual learning styles, fostering a dynamic and enriched learning experience for every student.

‘Virtual’ labs and open-access learning areas

How our customers have repurposed campus labs...