Achieve equitable access on and off campus while hitting strategic objectives with AppsAnywhere!

Unlock the full potential of BYOD in Higher Ed: AppsAnywhere effortlessly delivers applications for a seamless experience anywhere, any device!

Embrace the virtual transformation in Higher Education! What was once an add-on is now an essential component of the university experience. With universities and colleges worldwide expanding their online and distance learning courses, access to software has become a crucial strategic objective.

AppsAnywhere empowers you to provide off-campus access to vital software like PSS, AutoCAD, Adobe, MATLAB, ArcGIS, and more, ensuring the same seamless experience whether online or on-campus!

Discover how AppsAnywhere empowers you to enable BYOD and off-campus access for your students!


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"I don't think education is ever going completely back to in-person. I think we're always going to have a little bit of hybrid and flexibility. Hybrid is going to become the new normal and we're only going to get better at it."

- John Levay, CIO, Niagara College, CA

Deliver campus lab software off-campus.

Expand your horizons with AppsAnywhere! Release the power of online learning and provide access for your specialist lab apps online by deploying software through a range of built-in delivery methods. Take charge with AppsAnywhere's licensing controls, allowing you to set restrictions on specific apps in designated locations with ease!

Deliver campus lab software off-campus
Repurpose dedicated lab real estate

Reduce hardware investment cycles.

Set your apps free from labs and support online learning to reduce the need for physical campus labs and the hassle of imaging and maintenance. Say goodbye to frequent hardware refresh cycles as you tap into the power of student-owned (BYO) devices!

Improve the student experience.

Elevate the student experience and provide educational freedom with BYOD! Give students the flexibility to study wherever and whenever they want. Offer online access to academic applications in a single-click, on their own devices, instantly and on-demand. Whether at home, on-campus, or in a cozy coffee shop, provide IT services anywhere, anytime!

Create 'virtual' labs

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