Deliver a better IT service by providing a unified desktop to all end-users. AppsAnywhere enables service providers and system integrators to bring together leading application delivery technologies for a single point of access on any device.

Desktop-as-a-Service, DaaS for short, is becoming an increasingly important part of the end-user computing spectrum. As IT evolves and shifts away from being solely the delivery of technology, and more the delivery of an internal service, organizations are looking for different ways to deliver their applications and desktops and improve the EUC services.

AppsAnywhere enables both organizations and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to offer a desktop - with all your applications - as a service to employees or customers. From a singular central front-end portal IT can provision software to an organization's end-users for access on any device, using the most appropriate delivery technology. It could be by integrating with VDI, application virtualization or a remote desktop session, or by pointing to web links for downloads and SaaS apps, as well as searching for locally installed applications too.

Improve the end-user experience

Deliver any enterprise application to any device in a consistent way by bringing together multiple deployment technologies, including VMware, Citrix, Parallels, Microsoft and Jamf. A 'single pane of glass' for all your software.

Deliver a better end-user experience with DaaS
Reduce costs by offering Desktop as a Service

Reduce application delivery costs

By leveraging a combination of application deployment tools you can reduce reliance on VDI technologies and make the move to more cost-effective virtualization solutions, all while having no impact on your end-users. Pick and choose the most appropriate delivery methods for the job!

Deliver a consistent IT service

Today's CIOs see IT as not just technology but as a service that's critical to the success of the business. Deliver your applications in a consistent way on every device and enable employees to access software anywhere, anytime.

Offer a better IT experience with DaaS
Speed up IT onboarding process for new users

Speed up onboarding of new customers

By integrating with your customers' existing virtualization or delivery technologies, AppsAnywhere enables you to onboard new customers more quickly. Keep the technologies that work and migrate legacy tools gradually with minimal impact on end-users.

An enterprise 'app store' you can make your own

By delivering your software applications through your very own brandable app store both your end-users and IT have a single place to manage and access all your corporate-approved software, from a customizable web portal on any device.

Improve your customers' end-users' IT experience by delivering all their software in a consistent and familiar way across a multitude of devices and operating systems, anywhere and anytime.

A front end enterprise app store for DaaS delivery

Unify delivery and virtualization solutions.

AppsAnywhere seamlessly integrates with the industry-leading application deployment technologies to give you a way of delivering all your enterprise applications to any device, from a single app store-style portal. Integrate with Citrix, VMware, Jamf, Cloudpaging, Parallels RAS and more. You choose which delivery methods you use for which apps!

Application delivery technologies in AppsAnywhere

Application deployment made easy

Access software from any browser in the exact same way on any device, regardless of whether the application is virtualized, remote, local or web-based. Deliver apps to managed machines, BYO devices, Windows, macOS and Chromebooks.