In this SUMMIT20 customer presentation, learn how Virginia Commonwealth University makes use of custom tools and automation to streamline packaging and work smarter when it comes to software delivery.

Houston Griffith will discuss how the VCU IT team are able to work smarter by building an efficient and highly streamlined infrastructure to build app packages with the Cloudpaging Studio, 80% of which comes from their automation and processes. Houston will explain how they've automated virtual machine builds and snapshots, and how VCU can snure they have a way to 'fail and iterate' very rapidly, resulting in a more robust and approachable way to "Cloudify" apps.

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And for the other 20% (using Cloudpaging Studio), learn how VCU has already streamlined as much as possible by developing a command-line package installation utility called Packless to build Chocolatey installation scripts on the fly from a Google Sheet. This enables simpler version control and reporting of installation successes/failures outside of Cloudpaging Studio before they even enter the VM to start that process.

This session will cover:

  • Building app packages with Cloudpaging Studio
  • Streamlining packaging efforts at VCU
  • How automation can help IT to work smarter
  • Making packaging easier and more manageable

VCU's goal is to break down the entire process into more manageable steps and automate each of those separately as independent functions, rather than having one large, complex process. To learn more about this and adopt VCU's fantastic approach to making software delivery more manageable, register for the webinar below.


June 19 at 12am ET (5pm BST)


Streamlining packaging, custom tools, automation


Houston Griffith (Labs and Classrooms Computing Manager)

Houston C Griffith, VCU

Houston C Griffith, Labs and Classrooms Computing Manager: Houston is a technologist and professional with nearly ten years of experience working in IT across varying disciplines. He has a passion for strategy and working with like-minded people who enjoy solving unique and complex problems.

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