AppsAnywhere’s Phil Spitze delivers an evaluation of various VDI solutions, including hosted new-arrivals Windows Virtual Desktop and AppStream 2.0 as well as Parallels RAS and more traditional VDI products.

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With notable improvements on traditional, on-premise VDI solutions and many Higher Ed specific benefits, WVD and AppStream 2.0 are set to be game-changing for enabling student BYOD. Both solutions are long-awaited VDI-style products and address many of the drawbacks of traditional VDI that prevented it from being scalable and accessible to all but the highest of software delivery budgets. But how do they differ to more traditional solutions when it comes to function, features benefits and costs?

In this session, Phil will cover:

  • Review of each deployment technology
  • A high-level evaluation of the benefits of both products
  • Comparisons of the costs and hidden costs of WVD and AppStream 2.0
  • Examining use-cases for each solution
  • Showcasing how AppsAnywhere can bring all together

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July 20 2020, 12pm ET, 1 hour webinar


Windows Virtual Desktop, Amazon AppStream 2.0, traditional VDI, Parallels RAS


Phil Spitze, Solutions Architect

Phil Spitze, AppsAnywhere

About the speaker

Phil came to AppsAnywhere with an extensive background in University IT, most recently 4 years with Le Moyne College (Syracuse, NY). He enjoys helping Universities discover the long list of benefits that AppsAnywhere and Cloudpaging offers to both students and IT, including how to enable BYOD. In his spare time, Phil is an avid photographer.

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