Thank you for joining our CEO, Nick Johnson, as he discussed the Future for Higher Education IT!

The future for higher education starts with institutions; Higher Ed institutions across the globe are consistently adopting new technologies, breaking through barriers of student learning, and applying new advancements to enhance the student experience.

We see all this first-hand every single day through our global community of Higher Ed partner institutions, and in this webinar, AppsAnywhere CEO & Co-Founder, Nick Johnson, showcases the opportunities, challenges, struggles, and strengths that shape the future for Higher Ed IT.

Featuring in-person experiences and key conversations showcasing multiple perspectives from various higher ed institutions across the globe.

Couldn't make the webinar? Not a problem! You can watch the recording below!

About our Host

“As CEO & Co-Founder of AppsAnywhere, a company that has solely focused on Higher Ed since 2009, I have worked with many universities and colleges and have seen many twists, turns, adaptations, and setbacks. The Higher Ed space is ever-changing, and over the last few years, you've all had to learn and adapt to ensure you survive and your students thrive. We pride ourselves on creating a community enriched by our Higher Ed partners and aim to share our, and their knowledge and insights as much as possible.”

- Nick Johnson, AppsAnywhere CEO & Co-Founder