Join us for our webinar with Parallels RAS, and find out how to deliver apps to any device at a fraction of the cost of traditional VDI solutions like VMware and Citrix.

AppsAnywhere’s new integration with Parallels RAS is an amazing step forward for University IT departments. It means students can get on-demandd access to any university software, no matter the device, including Chromebooks!

When? December 5th 2017 | 3pm GMT

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Working with Parallels RAS (remote application server) enables students to access software through AppsAnywhere, either via the Parallels RAS native client or the HTML5 client. Devices which previously couldn’t access a range of Windows applications, such as Mac, Android and Google's Chromebooks, can now access and use Windows apps on-demand. Through this integration, students can also launch full Windows desktops from directly within our app store.

To tell you more about this incredible update to AppsAnywhere, we're hosting a webinar with Parallels RAS.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of both AppsAnywhere and Parallels RAS
  • Learn how Universities can truly get the most out of BYOD to improve the student experience
  • Find out how to deliver Windows apps to any OS, including Chromebooks
  • See why Parallels RAS is a fraction of the cost of VDI solutions from VMware and Citrix
  • Policy Control for user control, printing, and centralized management 
  • How to access and publish apps on the web (not on client device) 

Sign up here for our webinar, which we're hosting on the December 5th 2017 at 3pm GMT.