In this workshop, AppsAnywhere packaging expert, Matt Rodgers, will provide a series of packaging tips and demonstrations while addressing some of the more common and difficult-to-overcome challenges associated with application packaging.

Matt will talk about prefetching and how to prefetch applications in Cloudpaging Studio to improve the performance of the app in Cloudpaging Player. He will also demonstrate how to create a prefetch for AutoCAD 2020 in Cloudpaging Player and how to apply the prefetch to a Cloudpaging Studio appset.

Matt will cover pre-caching and explain how it can be used to speed-up first launch times for Cloudpaged apps within a managed environment, followed by a demonstration of pre-caching.

This workshop will also feature demonstrations and tutorials on all of the following topics:

  • Prefetching
  • Invalid Prefetch Data
  • Error Cloudifying after applying a prefetch file
  • Pre-caching
  • CutePDF Writer 4.0 (How to capture and package a printer driver)
  • NVivo 12 - How to use System and user-based CAE triggers
  • Using environment variables to set firewall rules

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Wednesday June 17 10AM ET / 3PM BST


Tips for packaging and overcoming common packaging challenges


Matt Rodgers, Application Packager




About the speakers

Matt Rodgers, Application packager, AppsAnywhere

Highly experienced software support consultant and application package developer, with excellent troubleshooting and integration skills. Matt has prior experience with the development of application packages using Microsoft App-V, Numecent Application Jukebox (Now Cloudpaging Studio, and Windows Installer (MSI) technologies.

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