Together with KPN and Marco Gianotten, join us for our event and learn how to achieve the best student experience in higher education and how IT and virtualization can make this possible.

At this event, hosted at KPN, you'll...

  • Learn how to improve the student experience with IT
  • Find out first-hand from two leading European universities on how they are approaching BYOD
  • Learn how you can deliver software applications to any device, on and off campus
  • Understand more about the AppsAnywhere and KPN platform

This event is free to attend, and is open to all IT employees, including: CIOs, ICT heads, end-user computing experts, IT project managers and system administrators. This event is for you if you're interested in improving the student experience and want to understand how IT can contribute to the best student satisfaction.

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Event details 

8 March 2018, 10:00 - 14:00 CET (lunch included)

KPN, Kromme Schaft 3-5, 3991 AR Houten

Attended by higher education IT from across the Netherlands. Presentations given by KPN, AppsAnywhere, Marco Gianotten and two European universities

A free event hosted by KPN for education institutions in the Netherlands looking at improving the student experience with IT and technology

Full transport and directions:

KPN Directions

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Full directions and transport details for attending our virtualization event for Higher Education at KPN, Netherlands.

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KEYNOTE: Are you as relevant to your students as Google?

We're excited that Marco Gianotten will be presenting the keynote at our event with KPN, about digital transformation in higher education. Marco is the founder of research agency Giarte, an influential public speaker and author of various books, including Digital Empathy: When Tech Meets Touch.

The business model of universities is roughly 1000 years old: universitas magistrorum et scholarium. The problem that 'communities of masters and scholars' solved the scarce access to knowledge. Information is now abundant: digitally accessible to almost everyone. The original business model for higher education is therefore waning. In the United States, this leads to the prediction that in 10 years, half of all universities and colleges will be bankrupt.

Higher education in the Netherlands is different, but here too the business model is shifting. Digitization of the knowledge economy not only changes the business model of higher education, but also the way IT is used on and around the campus. How can IT organizations respond to the needs of their end-users and make the right choices for a future-ready IT infrastructure?

Set the ambition bar high: become as relevant to your students and teachers as Google.