We're so happy to have hosted our first-ever US roundtable webinar! 

Angela Neria, CIO of Pittsburg State University, Dr. T. Simeon Ananou, CIO of the University of Vermont, Pat Donahue,  Assistant CIO and Director of Campus Technology Support at Elon University, Tim Gill Assistant Director, Client Technology at St Mary's University, and Chris Pycko, Computer Lab Management Team Leader, Enterprise Technology and Services at the University of New Hampshire joined our very own Tony Austwick, Co-Founder in an open discussion about the hottest topics in higher education. Our guests showcased their customer journeys' with AppsAnywhere while covering topics around enrollment, tech innovations on campus, and how they saved IT money long-term. 

This session also covered the following:

  • How the pandemic impacted student enrollment.
  • Innovating technology on campus.
  • Budgetary savings.
  • Live Q&A with leaders in Higher Education
  • & so much more...

Couldn't make this webinar? You can watch the recording below!


February 23rd, 2022 at 2:00 PM (EST) 

Meet our guest speakers

Dr. T. Simeon Ananou, an advocate and a champion of digital transformation for more than 20 years, became Chief Information Officer for the University of Vermont in July 2018. He is responsible for all areas of information technology at the institution, where he engages with the campus community to position IT as a strategic asset toward advancing the university’s goals.

Angela Neria is the Chief Information Officer for Pittsburg State University, located in Pittsburg, KS. she has been involved in the educational and enterprise technology environment since 1999. She presents both regionally and nationally regarding strategic planning, project management, leadership, and building buy-in.

Pat Donahue, ACIO and Director of Campus Technology Support, leads and manages technology support operations for education. He develops and executes strategy consistent with goals and demands. Pat establishes and improves procedures for operational excellence whilst engaging with employees, students, and the community to understand and deliver desired outcomes and levels of service. Pat guides and assists in developing the skills of others to achieve a well-rounded and engaged team for their mutual success.

Tim Gill, Assistant Director, Client Technology at Saint Mary's University has 30 years experience in managing people, process, operations, and projects. He is responsible for all activities related to the delivery, support and servicing of all personal computing hardware used by the staff, faculty and students at Saint Mary’s University. His portfolio of responsibility includes strategic planning and oversight of operations relating to EIT service and support, personal computing hardware, mobile devices and instructional technologies. 

Chris Pycko, Computer Lab Management Team Leader, Enterprise Technology and Services at the University of New Hampshire provides expertise and services in the management of computer labs and classroom spaces with the support of his team. They also provide technologies used to support teaching for the University System. This includes coordinating licensing of academic applications (MATLAB, JMP, SAS, SPSS, et al.) that are free to all campus users. Chris is their team lead of AppsAnywhere at UNH.

Meet the hosts from AppsAnywhere

Tony Austwick as Co-Founder and President of AppsAnywhere, there's nobody on the planet who knows more about delivering software apps in a Higher Education IT environment than Tony does! Tony strives to demonstrate how technology can and should be used as a service that improves the student learning experience and student outcomes.