We're going to Denver!

We're incredibly excited to announce that AppsAnywhere will be showcased and joining the Higher Ed industry once more at the EDUCAUSE 2022 Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado in October; the world's largest Higher Ed IT conference!

Joining the conversation

We're looking forward to sharing our story and joining the conversation with other Higher Ed IT thought leaders to continue helping Higher Ed institutions to improve student outcomes.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Where can you find us?

Booth #243 - Colorado Convention Centre

How does BYOD fit into your strategy?

What does your IT team need to be more efficient?

How can you improve your student experience?

Let's start the conversation

AppsAnywhere drives student success by delivering software to students on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Get in touch now to arrange a demonstration of how we've helped over 200 higher education institutions provide a better IT service to students, improve the student experience, and generate better student outcomes through BYOD and on-demand software access.

Visit the booth

Our team will be on hand at booth #243 at EDUCAUSE 2022 to answer all your questions and dive into how our unique approach to application delivery is improving students' lives at institutions such as Elon University, University of Vermont, Pittsburg State University, and many more.

Come and see us at EDUCAUSE 2022 and let's discuss how to...

  • make all apps available in all labs & open access learning areas.
  • provide freedom for students to use their own devices (BYOD).
  • create a better, more flexible student experience.
  • simplify the way you make software available for students.
  • make your IT strategy more efficient.

Hear from our Thought Leaders

EDUCAUSE '22: What's New in Higher Ed IT?

AppsAnywhere COO, Pete Cooke, gives his insight into the challenges higher ed institutions have had to face and the unique approaches they have had to adopt into their IT strategies. The pandemic and continually rising demand for digital equity have led to innovation and exemplary strives for higher ed IT teams across the world. Pete kickstarts the conversation of which direction higher ed IT strategies are moving in by reflecting on the more recent introductions and trends.

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AppsAnywhere Feature Focus: Looking Towards v3

AppsAnywhere Product Manager, Spencer Vale lifts the curtain on the highly anticipated version 3 of AppsAnywhere. Following on from the newly-introduced features of v2.12, he shows us a glimpse of the technological direction taken with the v3 approach. Spencer explains the reasoning behind features set to-be-released, and how they not only provide benefit now but also pave the way for more features and expansive innovation down the line.

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EDUCAUSE '22: The Future for Higher Ed IT?

AppsAnywhere Co-Founder and CEO, Nick Johnson, shares his take on the higher education industry and its projective route in the coming years. IT and digital innovations are vastly changing the student experience, not only in terms of studying but also across student lifestyles as well. By encapsulating the entire student experience, companies such as AppsAnywhere can continue to provide students with better access to software and help higher ed institutions provide a better student experience overall.

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EDUCAUSE '22: What We Learned This Year - Key Discussions [COMING SOON]

One thing we absolutely love about attending the EDUCAUSE annual conference is being able to converse with so many higher ed it professionals. From CIOs to IT teams, there are many different perspectives on how digital innovation can improve student outcomes, increase IT efficiency and support continual development to an overall improved student experience. We're going to be collating all of the key discussions our AppsAnywhere team had whilst at the EDUCAUSE 2022 Annual Conference.

Meet the team

Schedule some time with our team during EDUCAUSE 2022 and we'll be happy to provide a personalized demo and talk through your existing app delivery technologies and approaches. Fill out the form at the link and we'll reach out to find a time and day during the conference that suits you.

Jennifer Kelley | Director of Business Development

Territories: Central & Western US

Phone: +1 (760) 338-1486

Email: jennifer.kelley@appsanywhere.com

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Karen Grover | Director of Business Development

Territories: Northeast US & Canada

Phone: (+1) 617-794-2795

Email: karen.grover@appsanywhere.com

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Chris Babbitt | Director of Business Development

Territories: Southeast & Midwest

Phone: (+1) 513-479-8648

Email: chris.babbitt@appsanywhere.com

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