We'll be showcasing the awesome features and benefits of AppsAnywhere at EDUCAUSE 2019, and how we've helped over 200 higher education institutions massively improve their IT offering whilst simplifying the processes involved in delivering all of their software.

We'll also be around to discuss any of the incredible integrations we've built into AppsAnywhere including Cloudpaging for virtualizing 100% of Windows apps, Parallels RAS for delivering Windows apps to non-Windows devices, Jamf Pro for specialized Mac delivery and Citrix or VMware which help to make the product compatible with any existing IT stack!

We'll be at Booth 1348... come and say hi!


October 14th - 17th 2019


McCormick Place West, Chicago, IL

A map to show AppsAnywhere's booth at EDUCAUSE 2019

AppsAnywhere stand at EDUCAUSE 2019

Meet the Team!

Members of our US team will be in attendance this year & we're super excited to welcome a couple of new members to their first EDUCAUSE! Read a little below about the team and book a meeting further down the page to shedule some time with them!

Profile image of Dave Miller, AppsAnywhere for EDUCAUSE 2019

Now the team has grown, Dave has moved from a business development centric role to heading up the US & supporting our awesome team in delivering the stellar service our AppsAnywhere customers are used to! 

Profile image of Phil Spitze, AppsAnywhere for EDUCAUSE 2019

Phil has historically worked alongside Dave in business development, spreading the word about AppsAnywhere and adding new members to the AppsAnywhere family. Like Dave, after some team growth, Phil has transitioned to an account management role and will be helping with onboarding, and cultivating the close and friendly relationship we love to maintain with all of our customers.

Profile image of Michael Kuzmenko, AppsAnywhere for EDUCAUSE 2019

Mike 'The Kuz' Kuzmenko joined us from the Windy City in September 2018. Mike looks after the Mid-West & loves nothing more than traveling to meetings in his beloved Subaru STI. With an understandable, but still staggering love for AppsAnywhere as a product, he's a real asset to the team.

Profile image of Karen Grover, AppsAnywhere for EDUCAUSE 2019

Karen is our most recent joiner and is already a highly valued member of our US team! She'll be making use of her remarkable technical knowledge and Boston charm to look after the North-East territories.

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