In this webinar, Durham University's Technical Lead and app delivery guru Michael Coxon will discuss how the university's mobile campus strategy has helped to handle the newly-increased demand for remote working.

Using key delivery tools and technologies through AppsAnywhere, including our native integration with Parallels RAS, Durham University are able to make all of their student software available on any device, both on and off campus.

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By taking advantage of AppsAnywhere's ability to support different types of endpoint, including Windows and Mac, Michael Coxon and his team have been able to make academic software available to students on-demand. Whether that's on any managed device on campus or on BYO devices off campus.

This 45-minute session will cover:

  • Effective delivery tools for remote-working
  • Provisioning software and access for working from home
  • Possible challenges in delivering university software off-site
  • How the university were well-prepared for remote working

COVID-19 has thrust the world of Higher Ed IT into a situation for which many weren't well prepared. Learn how Durham University's mobile campus strategy has helped this prestigious UK institution transition into online learning and remote working overnight.


June 16 at 10am ET (3pm BST)


Remote working, mobile campus, AppsAnywhere, Parallels RAS


Michael Coxon, Senior IT consultant, Durham University


About the speakers

Michael Coxon, Durham University

Michael Coxon started at Durham University in 1998 by maintaining the student desktop system and took it from an embryonic Windows 3.11/NT4 system and developed it to the current Win10 desktop, via Windows 2000, XP and 7 over the years. It is a locked-down desktop, robust with over 3000 workstations and over 500 applications, and is the core of the University academic teaching system.

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