Join us for our live customer webinar and learn how to start integrating Parallels RAS into AppsAnywhere to deliver software to any device and any OS, on and off campus.

Supporting all of your students in a consistent way is a challenge for Higher Ed IT. While your managed desktop estate might be mainly Windows, with some Mac devices in certain parts of the campus, students bring a wide range of personal-owned devices with them for their studies. That could be Windows, Mac or Chromebooks.

In this webinar, our North America Account Management Director, Phil Spitze, will be showcasing how AppsAnywhere integrates with Parallels RAS to provide a consistent way to access software on any device without the need for traditional and expensive VDI solutions.

When? Tuesday, August 13 (1.00pm - 1.30pm EDT) | Register now >

Phil will show, including a live demo, how you can deliver some of your Windows application estate to non-Windows devices, in a way that supports student access on and off campus. He'll also explain how you can accelerate your BYOD strategies by giving students a way to get the software they need, when they need it.

In this live webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Deliver software to any device/OS on and off campus
  • Provide a consistent way to access academic apps on Windows, Mac, Chromebooks and more
  • Leverage Parallels RAS to handle unique use cases


Tuesday August 13, 1.00pm - 1.30pm EDT


Phil Spitze, Account Management Director for North America (AppsAnywhere)


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Register now for our customer webinar where AppsAnywhere's Account Management Director Phil Spitze explains how AppsAnywhere integrates with Parallels RAS to deliver software to any device across campus and off campus, too.

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