AppsAnywhere CTO, Ryan Heath, showcases new AppsAnywhere release, 2.10. This release features Windows Virtual Desktop compatibility, Canvas functionality, and much more.

AppsAnywhere 2.10 focuses on helping AppsAnywhere make use of other Higher Ed IT solutions to provide awesome consistent access to software. Some of 2.10's new features have been developed in collaboration with customers on joint research projects to solve real-world use cases and challenges. The new release will include Windows Virtual Desktop, Canvas capabilities, App Lists API, and Mac Big Sur (+IOS 14 and Android 11). 

Ryan will also cover the following:

  • Delivering software through next-gen and hosted virtualization solutions.
  • Using AppsAnywhere seamlessly with your existing digital learning resources.
  • Automated syndication of app lists to VLEs and other digital resources.
  • Keep up with OS updates and patches.

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Windows Virtual Desktop

AppsAnywhere 2.10 is fully functional with Windows Virtual Desktop and Azure. New models of cloud-hosted VDI have changed the game when it comes to universities delivering software through desktop virtualization. Tune in to learn more about single-point-of-access, guided launch, and more scalable VDI. 


AppsAnywhere 2.10 can leverage digital learning resources, such as Canvas, to improve the service provided by IT, the convenience of accessing software, and student outcomes. We have an extensive roadmap for this feature; keep your eyes peeled for updates.

App Lists API

Increase the value of AppsAnywhere's awesome App Lists feature with 2.10's App Lists API. This feature will make distributing App Lists and communicating course software with students more effective and efficient. 

With these incredible new features on the way, plus AppsAnywhere's existing capabilities, now is the time to add AppsAnywhere to your software delivery stack and provide better access to software to your students and staff. 

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AppsAnywhere 2.10


December 16, 2020, 11:00 AM ET, 1 hour


AppsAnywhere 2.10: WVD, Canvas, and more


Ryan Heath, AppsAnywhere CTO

About the speaker

As CTO for AppsAnywhere, Ryan works tirelessly to revolutionize the student experience and meet the "any application, any device, anywhere" needs of the modern-day student. He works closely with AppsAnywhere's customers to understand their exact needs and build them into our product.

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