Your Feedback Matters

Four years ago, we launched the Change Request Forum as part of our continued drive for feedback on the product. We want AppsAnywhere to make students’ and administrators’ lives easier every day, and sourcing input from our highly knowledgeable higher-ed customer base really helps shape our development roadmap.

The recently released AppsAnywhere 3.0 is stacked with customer-requested features and contains more actioned feedback than any release to date. We want to continue this principle of letting our customers help shape the future of AppsAnywhere, but we’re finding that the existing Change Request Forum is limited in how it helps us source feedback. Therefore, we’re launching a new AppsAnywhere Feedback Forum today powered by Canny.

AppsAnywhere Feedback Forum

The new forum still provides a place to raise feature requests and for the community to vote and discuss them. But it will also provide additional functionality for keeping the community informed.

The landing page is a roadmap. Each feature request can be linked behind the scenes to a delivery item in the product development team’s Jira (work management software). When these Jira items move through the internal development process, they will automatically update the external status of the feature request on the roadmap page to help keep customers informed of progress.

Making Your Life Easier

If you’re intending to raise a new request, you can search for keywords to check if someone hasn’t already added something similar that you can vote on or comment on. And if you don’t find anything similar, but it turns out that there is something already there, we at AppsAnywhere can easily merge the posts behind the scenes to gather all the feedback and votes in one thread. We can also upvote on someone else’s behalf if we get their feedback via another source such as a phone call, a support ticket, or a user day discussion.

As well as the Roadmap and Feature Request sections, there is a Changelog where we will put more detail about released features. In other words, all your product updates will be in one place.

Our Single-Click Philosophy

Speaking of “all in one place” we’ve just launched the AppsAnywhere Hub. This is your one-stop shop for all your useful links and resources: the academy, community, events page, knowledge base, and customer spotlights, as well as a link to the feature request forum. Just bookmark this one link, and you’ll always be able to find the AppsAnywhere resources you need with a single click! Even if you forget to bookmark it, we’ll be linking to it within the admin page of AppsAnywhere so you’ll never lose it!

Past Requests?

You’ll find that some of the most popular ideas on the old Change Request forum have been moved over to the Feature Request forum as they’re already under consideration or in progress. We’ll also be migrating any recently added posts to make sure these don’t get lost in the transition.

We started this blog to give you a peek behind the product curtain and we hope you agree that the new feature request forum helps with this too. We look forward to reading your input!

Got an idea for a new product feature?

AppsAnywhere customers can raise a change request, comment, or vote on someone else's and track progress against our product roadmap.

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