Georgian College (Barrie, ON) are using technology to supercharge the student IT experience. With AppsAnywhere and Cloudpaging they've enable access to software at any campus, anytime.

The college, which is celebrating its 50th birthday this year, is using AppsAnywhere alongside Cloudpaging application virtualization technology to deliver and deploy apps across their 7 campuses, to more than 11,000 full-time domestic and 1,500 international students.

AppsAnywhere is a Windows computer-based tool that allows students to access Georgian's library of software on campus, and many from home. AppsAnywhere is very easy to use. Simply login to the Student Portal, install the Cloudpaging player onto your PC, then select what software you want to use.

Georgian College Canada

AppsAnywhere at Georgian College

Watch the IT team's awesome short animated explainer video, and learn how the college distributes software through a single Student Portal, whether it's at their northernmost campus in Muskoka or their Orangeville campus: 150km away!

AppsAnywhere at Georgian College, Canada - Video Transcription

Georgian College is proud to offer Apps Anywhere through the student portal. Apps Anywhere is a Windows Computer-based tool that allows students to access Georgian's library of software on campus and many from home.

Samira lives in New Market and is studying Business at the Barrie campus. She needs to finish her assignment this weekend. Rather than driving to Barrie for just an hour, she can access quick books from home through Apps Anywhere, which saves her time and money by avoiding the commute.

Robin is enrolled in Computer Studies. In the constantly changing tech world, she uses Apps Anywhere to make sure all her software, including NetBeans, is configured to the right version. In class, her professor can open her assignments with no compatibility issues.

Nathan is taking Health Sciences in Owen Sound. He planned to be at school today and study between his classes. The severe snowstorm has closed the campus. Using Apps Anywhere, he can still access the Clinical Demo Videos from home today and be ready for tomorrow's test

Apps Anywhere is very easy to use. Simply log in to the student portal, choose Apps Anywhere, install the client on to your PC, and select the software you need to use. Apps Anywhere is a part of the student experience at Georgian College. We're always adding and updating our catalog, so make sure you visit Apps Anywhere on the student portal and use it to help accelerate your success.

Discover AppsAnywhere...

Discover AppsAnywhere...

Improve student outcomes by delivering a better IT service, on and off campus. Make any app available on any device, enable BYOD and repurpose your dedicated lab spaces, all without the need for complex VDI environments.