Mount Wachusett Community College, an accredited two year institution located in Gardner MA, aims to provide students with a first-class IT experience by virtualizing 100% of Windows apps, across the impressive 269-acre campus and beyond.

To date, AppsAnywhere benefit over 70 universities and colleges, across 10 countries with its “Gartner Cool” technology, Application Jukebox [AppsAnywhere].

Mount Wachusett Community College (MWCC) is regarded as "the college of opportunity and a model of teaching and learning excellence", delivering over 45 associate degree and certificate programs to 29 cities and towns across North Central Massachusetts. As a lifelong learning community dedicated to excellence in education and being responsive to the changing needs of the community, it's important that students experience the best technological outcomes by being able to access the apps they need from any location and at any time.

The main aims of the application virtualization program are to benefit:

  • Access: To enable access to opportunities for learning for all by providing software applications wherever and whenever required.
  • Success: To facilitate all students, faculty, staff, and administrators to receive increased rates of completion, retention, graduation, transfer, and acquisition of career skills using the latest technology.
  • Learning: To improve the student experience by providing software applications on-demand.
  • Progress: To increase effectiveness and efficiency in IT operations.

Students choose MWCC for its quality, affordability and flexibility. We offer courses during the day, evening, weekend and online. Being able to deliver software applications to students anywhere, anytime enables students to have the best learning outcomes.

Susan McHugh, Executive Director of Information Technology Services at MWCC

MWCC is widely recognised as the college of opportunity and a model of teaching and learning excellence, with over 50 years as an institution serving 29 towns and a student body of over 12,000.

AppsAnywhere provides a better IT experience for students and other users from over 50 countries. We go from strength to strength and I am looking forward to hosting our first user day with customers new and old.

Tony Austwick, AppsAnywhere Co-Founder and application virtualization pioneer

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