George Brown College (Toronto, ON) is streamlining their application deployment with AppsAnywhere, to give students the most convenient studying opportunities and to improve their experience of IT at the college.

Over 30,000 students are enrolled at George Brown College, which means many computers with the correct software would have been needed for  students to have instant access to their programs and applications on campus. Thanks to AppsAnywhere, students can now access their important apps anywhere and at any time, on and off campus.

AppsAnywhere has helped transform their students’ experience, and has revolutionized the way they can offer the most up-to-date technology. George Brown College have created numerous resources to help their students use AppsAnywhere and get the most out of it.

Visit their AppsAnywhere webpage for instructions and more information, or watch their educational video on how AppsAnywhere is helping their students study more proactively and with ease.

George Brown College Student? Access AppsAnywhere here >

Video Transcription - AppsAnywhere at George Brown College

So, you have just started your classes at George Brown, and you have just been given your first assignment. You need a head start because you know the assignments will soon start piling up.

What are your options to access your programs specific computer software? You could buy all the software that is needed for your program, but that is costly.

It is possible to come to the college and use the computers there to work on your assignments. Yet who would really want to come to the college late at night or on weekends? There is another option that allows you to access the computer applications you need anytime from the location that is most convenient for you.

George Brown College now offers AppsAnywhere. AppsAnywhere allows you to access much of the colleges software from your personal computer. New software and updates are being added to AppsAnywhere all the time. So you will never have an outdated version of the software you need.

How does it work? AppsAnywhere streams software from George Brown College to our PC allowing the software to run as fast as if it was installed on your own computer.

Try out AppsAnywhere today at, and enter your student number for username, and for the password it will be your Stu-view password. If it is your first time using AppsAnywhere, please visit and check out ‘getting started with just a few clicks’.

George Brown College Student? Access AppsAnywhere here >