The University of Delaware are using Application Virtualization to expand their student’s technology experience. AppsAnywhere and Cloudpaging have helped them to expand their IT capabilities and transform their campuses.

The University has over 22,000 students across 7 colleges, and is ranked highly in the US for Education and Engineering. This means their students need the most up to date technology, which AppsAnywhere has helped them to provide effortlessly.

Delaware’s College of Engineering have recently created a video helping to explain just how easy it is to install and use the applications available to their students with AppsAnywhere.

TechSpot - Introduction to AppsAnywhere (Transcript)

“Welcome to AppsAnywhere, a web based App Store that enables you to download and run College of Engineering software with a single click on any windows computer.

AppsAnywhere works by using streaming technology called Cloudpaging. Let’s take a look at how easy it is to install an application with AppsAnywhere.

Open a web browser, and go to From here you can log in using your unique username and password. The first time you visit the site you will be prompted to download and install the AppsAnywhere client, which includes Cloudpaging Player.

Once installed your session is automatically validated and you are ready to get started. You will see the variety of applications that you personally have access to, all you need to do is search for the one you would like to use.

Hovering your curser over your selection will provide you with two options. Firstly, you can access more information if desired, otherwise you can go ahead and click on launch to begin the installation.

The application will now be installed in the Cloudpaging Player for your convenience. Once the application has been successfully completed, the program will launch automatically.

Whenever you wish to access it, it can be found just like any other program by using the Windows Start Menu, where it will also be displayed for future use.

Should you ever wish to uninstall the application, you can easily do so by utilising the Cloudpaging Player. Once this process is complete, you can confirm its success by checking that it is no longer accessible from the Windows Start Menu.

Congratulations, you can now take advantage of AppsAnywhere, and simplify the future of your university career.”

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Discover AppsAnywhere...

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