Digital Transformation

Higher Education has always been a platform for innovative technologies. Over the past few years with cloud computing seeing a rise in popularity, the adoption of online learning environments has accelerated rapidly. The Covid-19 pandemic especially raised the need to digitally transform education too.

A Centralized Opportunity

Any digital transformation comes with administrative, operational, and financial impacts, more so in a decentralized higher-ed IT situation. These impacts often highlight operational inefficiencies, unjustified costs, and areas for administrative improvement within IT departments.

Prior to the pandemic, higher ed institutions would often have separate IT teams focused on individual departments, faculties, and colleges making decisions focused on small-scale implementations. Although, as higher ed institutions continue to grow and transform digitally, the benefits of a centralized IT strategy are starting to become more prominent.

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Centralizing IT with AppsAnywhere

AppsAnywhere has always been focused on helping higher ed institutions to improve their student experience by simplifying how they deliver academic software. In a centralized IT setting, AppsAnywhere helps institutions become more efficient, financially empowered, and ready to grow and scale in a secure way.

Increased Efficiency

Where independent IT departments must manage their individual software offering, AppsAnywhere allows each application to be delivered across the entire institution through one instance. Applications are updated once, distributed once and accessed in one place too.

Assured Compliance

Centralized IT Institutions with AppsAnywhere can be safe in the knowledge that their software offering hosts the latest application versioning. It goes one step further to ensure that application compliance is adhered to across the board with one central management portal.

Application Licensing

When it comes to licensed applications, a centralized IT strategy makes use of licensing deals and AppsAnywhere gives institutions the ability to deliver these applications to students and faculty on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Analytical Insight

By centralizing IT, institutions can benefit from AppsAnywhere’s Analytics. Viewing usage stats alone can underline key areas of license savings.

Infrastructure Reduction

AppsAnywhere as a cloud solution allows institutions to descale their infrastructure network and in doing so, reduce the associated maintenance costs.

BYOD Enhancement

Implement a full-scale BYOD strategy for all your students and faculty from one platform to any device.

Cal Poly’s Centralized IT Journey

California Polytechnic State University (CPSU) had an ambitious strategy to centralize all university IT to provide the best possible service for students. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted a number of emerging challenges and expectations from a new generation of students. Speaking frankly, they described old methods of software delivery as a dumpster fire and knew they needed to work fast. Working with AppsAnywhere, CPSU created the Cal Poly Software Hub, an app store-style platform that gives Cal Poly students, faculty, and staff access to software that is currently available for academic use. This software not only helped centralize IT but also offered an incredible amount of flexibility to faculty and students alike!

How California Polytechnic State University Centralized IT to Provide a Modern Software Hub for Students

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