Take a look at how universities across Germany, such as Hochschule Ruhr West, are using AppsAnywhere to solve their application delivery and software deployment challenges.

At our recent AppsAnywhere User Day at Hochschule Ruhr West, Fabian Solf and Luca Restaino from Hochschule Ruhr West presented how they solved their application delivery challenges with AppsAnywhere from AppsAnywhere. By using our solution, which integrates AppsAnywhere with Cloudpaging (the next-generation application virtualization technology) and Parallels RAS (a cost-effective alternative to VDI), Hochschule Ruhr West are transforming thie IT visions into reality.

Watch our videos and hear them explain how they're using AppsAnywhere to deploy software to students not only in the PC pools, but also to BYOD both on and off campus. Hochschule Ruhr West has shown how professionally and quickly they have achieved their goals, and is a true industry-leader in delivering their applications. 

Case study

Full presentation

Case Study: English translation and transcription

My name is Luca Restaino and I work at the University of Applied Sciences Ruhr West. I am responsible for client management services, in particular software management.

We have saved a lot of manpower thanks to the application of AppsAnywhere and with the support of AppsAnywhere. We managed to change our envisioned processes into actual processes.

This helped to efficiently do the deployment at the beginning of every semester without having to go to every computer room and load the software on every single computer. This now happens from a central point using Apps Anywhere.

This helped us a lot.

A huge benefit that really made the students happy, is that they now don’t need to have the actual software at home, but can, through Apps Anywhere, use the software centrally.