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Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology is one of Canada's leading colleges. They are passionate about delivering innovative education that combines rigorous academics with practical training. They cover a large range of careers and professions thanks to their expert faculty, staff and outstanding facilities.

"When AppsAnywhere came along, it was the bread and butter we were looking for. We spoke to our CIO and there was an appetite for it, so we jumped on the phone and said, hey, let's get this going!"


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Seneca's AppsAnywhere Journey

The Journey

Seneca had previously distributed software via local install to desktops, however, they knew that it wasn’t the best solution for their students or their IT department. At one point they had between 100 to 200 applications installed locally on their machines, resulting in rather bloated images which impacted the overall performance. It was also incredibly time-consuming as it could take up to six hours to fully image a lab.

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“With multiple updates, we’re not just touching one machine, we have to touch every single computer. In addition to this, there are always the last-minute requests meaning this could be the second or third update right before the semester starts up.”


Consortium Communication

Fortunately, Seneca happened to attend a conference at Georgian College as part of their OCCCIO membership. The OCCCIO is a collaborative organization created to improve its members’ information technology support across Higher Ed. One of the many benefits of being a member of the OCCCIO is that the colleges regularly communicate and inform each other of new technologies and best practices. It was at this conference that Seneca was introduced to AppsAnywhere and the potential it had for their establishment.

When AppsAnywhere came along, it was the bread and butter we were looking for. We spoke to our CIO and there was an appetite for it, so we jumped on the phone and said, hey, let's get this going!

We've seen this with other colleges where they've tried other solutions like Amazon, but they’ve actually said what we need is AppsAnywhere. We need that streaming service and the way it's run because it just works, not only for students but also for the employees and the faculty.

The Future

Seneca’s success hasn’t gone unnoticed within the industry, in fact, they are often contacted by numerous colleges throughout Canada for help and advice, and it’s clear to see why. They have taken intelligent steps which simultaneously focused on their IT efficiency and their student’s experience, resulting in both happy staff and supported students.

From the day their first students walked through their doors in 1967, Seneca understood that the world is in constant evolution. They focus on their students and their needs to the point where they are continually improving, innovating, and looking ahead. We are proud to be a part of Seneca’s long-term digital strategy and we can only see it going from strength to strength.

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