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Founded back in 1896, Clarkson University today is a private, national research university situated in Potsdam, New York. The university attracts more than 4,600 enterprising, high-ability scholars from over 42 states and 61 different countries! Consistent with the founders’ vision to always seek out the real needs of the American people, Clarkson stretches the boundaries of solution-oriented thinking by looking to what’s next, and challenging the status quo.

Total Students

4,600 +

CU's AppsAnywhere Journey

A New World 

The need for a more efficient software delivery increased dramatically when the Covid19 pandemic hit in Spring 2020. The pandemic brought a lot of challenges to Higher Ed such as distance learning and software accessibility, as well as financial uncertainty.  

Clarkson understood that the system they picked would need to provide both quality for students, staff and faculty, as well as having the ability to continually assess the need and usage of their software suite.

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"During the campus closures of 2020 we were able to provide students with the access to our AppsAnywhere portal, which gave them access to the campus software they needed to complete their work!”

The Power of Analytics

Despite students no longer being on campus, the IT department could use the built in analytics tool to identify software usage wherever it was being used! Not only does this help with understanding who is using what, but it also helps to understand the school’s license utilization, as well as an assessment of the implementation process.

Analytics is invaluable tool because it allows us to analyze and evaluate software and how it's being used. We have software that we thought what is being underutilized, but we find that is being utilized beyond what we imagine! We have software that we thought was heavily utilized, what is actually rarely used. Now we're able to look at those numbers and then make the decisions as far as whether our licensing is at the right level, if we need to increase our licensing or if we can save some money and decrease."

Clarkson’s priority will always be its student’s wellbeing and successes and its clear that AppsAnywhere has helped with this goal. Modern day students have come to expect easy, user friendly software access and the AppsAnywhere environment provides that.

The student experience has benefited greatly from AppsAnywhere. It provides Clarkson University students with the opportunities to be flexible to not be stuck in a lab. There. You can take their laptops and work on their projects anywhere they want, whether it be in the comments or out on the front lawn. So, AppsAnywhere provides the opportunity and flexibility for our students to work collaboratively wherever they need to be, that’s the future!”

Looking Ahead

Clarkson University have stuck to their mission to always stretch the boundaries of solution-oriented thinking, and challenging the status quo. The COVID19 pandemic may have accelerated this project however now that it’s in full swing, there is no stopping it!

We’re incredibly proud to work with this forward thinking university and look to continue this partnership for a long time to come.


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