We're providing this short animation for all our customers to give to their students, explaining in 1 minute what AppsAnywhere is and how students can use it to access any of their course applications.

Created in partnership with Information Technology Services at Canada's Seneca College, this new video explains to students how to get their software using AppsAnywhere at your university or college. The animation can be customized and extended to remove its current branding and to include your institution's logo, along with a link to your app store.

We've also got a range of other marketing materials you can brand and use to advertise your AppsAnywhere service to students; including posters, email templates and digital signage.

Just let the AppsAnywhere team know if you'd like to use these free resources to help make the student experience even more awesome! 

AppsAnywhere 'explainer' animation

You can also find the UK voice-over edition of the animation here.

What is AppsAnywhere? Video transcription

Jessica and Francisco are students from two different worlds. Jessica likes tea, Francisco likes coffee. She’s an early bird, he’s a night owl. She’s enrolled in computer programming, he’s in product design.

As different as they may be, Jessica and Francisco do have one thing in common. They’ve got homework this weekend that needs software installed on campus lab computers. No sweat for Jessica the early bird, but Francisco has other plans on Saturdays.

Lucky for both of them, AppsAnywhere helps them work wherever and whenever they want to. Thanks to AppsAnywhere, they can launch their campus lab software on any PC. This means Jessica can develop software on her laptop with Eclipse early Saturday morning, and Francisco can design 3D products from home with Blender, while the city sleeps.

AppsAnywhere lets you use our library of software anywhere on campus, many from home, and we’re adding new titles all the time. Give AppsAnywhere a try today, or tonight, to study at a time that suits you.