Today marks the official release of the long-awaited AppsAnywhere v2.5, which includes our key integration with Jamf Pro to enable university IT to support Mac devices.

We're thrilled to announce that with v2.5 of AppsAnywhere IT admins can now fully support university-owned and BYO Macs. That's thanks to our new integration with Jamf Pro, the leading tool used by our customers in Higher Education to manage Mac devices.

By utilizing Jamf Pro (formerly known as Casper Suite), universities and colleges can now deploy native Mac apps to any enrolled Mac device, on-demand. This integration builds on our key belief that no single software deployment technology can satisfy all use cases within Higher Education IT, but rather a combination of multiple tools. Thanks to our unique approach (we call it Unified Application Delivery), universities can bring all their apps and delivery technologies into one place, for any user on any device.

This is the real beauty of our latest integration with Jamf Pro: Mac devices and native applications are now fully supported by AppsAnywhere. That means just one point of management for IT and just one launch button for students, regardless of OS or device type.

Key AppsAnywhere v2.5 updates:

AppsAnywhere v2.5 - AppsAnywhere User Day Presentation

Recorded at our recent user day at Coventry University in the UK, AppsAnywhere's Technical Director Ryan Heath explains what's new in AppsAnywhere v2.5, including Jamf Pro integration to deploy native Mac apps, improved Client detection and increased SSO capabilities.

Mac becomes mainstream.

Fully support your university Mac app estate.

Jamf Pro allows your university or college to provide a managed service to your macOS devices, offering apps and other resources on-demand for users through the 'Self Service' app. AppsAnywhere's integration with Jamf Pro allows those resources to be delivered from within the AppsAnywhere interface for a truly seamless user experience.

Deploy native Mac apps with AppsAnywhere's integration with Jamf Pro

The AppsAnywhere integration extends to three key areas of the Jamf Pro product, allowing IT to:

  1. Deploy PKG apps directly from AppsAnywhere to any enrolled Mac device
  2. Share e-books with students from within AppsAnywhere (e.g. PDFs)
  3. Make Mac App Store software available in AppsAnywhere, so students can take advantage of apps through your institution's VPP (Volume Purchase Program)

Jamf Pro joins the list of supported delivery tools, which includes the existing method of delivering DMGs and PKGs to macOS devices using the AppsAnywhere Client. 

For deploying Windows apps to macOS, iPhone and iPad, we recommend using our integration with Parallels RAS, which also supports the delivery of Windows software to Chromebooks, Android and Linux.

Added updates with AppsAnywhere v2.5

Key features of the AppsAnywhere v2.5 release. Take a look at the full list of release notes >

Single Sign On (SSO) in AppsAnywhere

Increased SSO capabilities

AppsAnywhere has been configured to work with a range of single sign-on services in the past, using one-off, custom-fit integrations. In this release, we've taken onboard customer suggestions and we've added extensive configuration options, to make AppsAnywhere incredibly simple to accept logins through any service using ADFS (including Azure AD), SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0 or Shibboleth.

AppsAnywhere and improved client detection for BYOD users

AppsAnywhere Client detection

We've given the AppsAnywhere interface the ability to accurately detect when the AppsAnywhere Client is installed on the student's BYO device. End-users no longer have to tell AppsAnywhere whether or not they have the client installed on their machine in the majority of cases, for an even more streamlined user experience.

Upgrading to AppsAnywhere v2.5

AppsAnywhere v2.5 is available for upgrade from the first week of July (w/c July 2nd, 2018).

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