AppsAnywhere provides a single desktop 'app store' experience for everyone, whilst supporting university IT by integrating with familiar tools and technologies. Now, AppsAnywhere supports 2 more delivery methods, Microsoft SCCM and App-V.

We're unique in the market by acknowledging that no single delivery method is best. We think Cloudpaging is the leading app delivery method for deploying apps on-demand, but there’ll always be a case where a university or college might want to use SCCM instead.

By integrating with SCCM, we give IT teams the freedom and ability to satisfy all their use cases, using the one beautiful user interface (AppsAnywhere) and just one launch button for ALL delivery methods.

Students have enough to think about. Accessing the right app on the right device, needn’t be one of them.

SCCM Integration - Explainer Video

In this short walkthrough video AppsAnywhere's Technical Director, Ryan Heath, explains the key points of the latest release, including how to add an app to S2Hub for SCCM delivery to students using AppsAnywhere.

None of our customers use just one delivery method for delivering all their apps. In education , it’s just not possible; too many variables and too many use cases. We made a commitment to support as many different delivery technologies as possible, and our integration with SCCM is a great step. Just wait until you see what’s coming next!

Ryan Heath, Technical Director

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