Once you've worked with our team to get AppsAnywhere setup and configured, you'll want to start promoting your new IT service to students and staff, so they know how to access licensed software across campus, and off campus too!

This article details the promo resources and marketing communications materials that are available to customers, to help advertise AppsAnywhere internally, to your students, staff and faculty members.

We'll also share:

Communication best practices, tips and tricks

Now you've got this awesome new service to deliver your licensed software apps to campus computer labs and BYO devices alike, you'll want to make sure everyone knows all about it; what it is, what it does, and most importantly, how to access it wherever and whenever.

Having led customers through hundreds of hugely successful AppsAnywhere projects, we've got a wealth of experience when it comes to rollout and communications of your new app delivery service. You'll want to get the word across to your students, staff and faculty members as soon as possible, so they can benefit from an improved IT experience on and off campus.

Don't forget the goal: to let all your students and staff know how they can now access all their apps on any device across campus, and how they can access software on their own (BYO) devices.

Here's some key things to think about:

  • Communication is key to a wide, successful rollout
  • Tailor messaging for your different audiences; students and academics!
  • Promote your new service in the relevant places (more below)
  • Train IT, library and service desk staff appropriately
  • Think about the different use cases (i.e. in labs vs on BYOD)

Tips for rollout to campus PC labs

Bear in mind that nobody likes unexpected change! Be sure to:

  1. Communicate and demo to lab tutors
  2. Give early access to key influencers
  3. Send emails communications to all academic and support staff
  4. Launch apps at the start of class
  5. Focus messaging on how your new service speeds up 'time to teach'
  6. Auto-open AppsAnywhere on login to lab devices
  7. Advertise in labs through posters, digital signage and desktop wallpapers

Tips for BYOD and off-campus rollout

Make your remote, online or virtual learners fully aware of how they can access key university software titles on their own device, wherever they are; off-campus, at home or on the move.

  • Take advantage of university social media channels
    • Announce your new service
    • Share image-based content to get attention
    • Clear links (calls to action) for students to 'find out more'
  • Put together webpages to communicate key info, and share on internal/intranet systems
    • A 'promotional page' with videos and tutorials
    • An FAQ or knowledgebase page with more in-depth help
  • Advertise to end-users within AppsAnywhere itself
    • Use the 'banners' function of AppsAnywhere
    • Showcase how the service can be used at home
  • Integrate AppsAnywhere with your Canvas learning platform
    • Clear signposting to key software
    • ... such as course-specific apps

Customer rollout examples

FAQ/KB example pages

You'll want to build either a student-facing 'frequently asked questions' page or a knowledgebase article on your IT support site, to provide key information on what AppsAnywhere is, and how students and staff can access university-licensed software through your new service platform.

The links below are example webpages from some of our customers across the globe:

Tip: Give students the info they need about AppsAnywhere through your very own knowledgebase or FAQ article, to make it easy for both them and your IT helpdesk!

Animation or video examples

Take a look at some of the custom creations below to see how customers have created their own animations and videos to explain and promote AppsAnywhere. We provide a customized animation video in our packs below if you don't want to create something totally from scratch!

Tip: Short videos are one of the best ways of communicating a key message quickly! Use them on webpages, social media and in email messages.

Our customizable promo resources

The below links are examples of the customized materials we've created for some of our customers. The original Adobe Suite design files are all available here. Alternatively, at the bottom of this page you can request AppsAnywhere to customize these resources for you, complete with your own logos and branding.

AppsAnywhere logos

If you want to create your very own materials from scratch, you'll find all the official AppsAnywhere logos you need at the link below. These logos are also included in the main template pack of resources.

Request your own customized pack

To make it easy for our customers to promote AppsAnywhere, and to get your awesome new IT service up and running quickly, we've put together a pack of materials that we'll customize for you at no extra cost. We'll customize these materials with your university/college logos, AppsAnywhere URL and any specific corporate colors.

What's included in the pack?

  • Posters
  • Web and social media graphics
  • An animated 'explainer' video
  • Desktop wallpapers
  • Graphics for your portal

We're updating this pack all the time! If you have any suggestions for additional materials, reach out to us directly at: marketing@appsanywhere.com

Getting started

Head to the link below and complete the form. We'll ask you for a few key details, then we'll get to work customizing the pack of communication materials for you. It usually takes up to 5 working days from receiving your info to returning your pack.

Top tip: Keep things simple and focus on what you need your students and staff to know... What is AppsAnywhere and how do they use it? Focus on answering those questions and your rollout will be successful!