In our latest release of AppsAnywhere 2.11 we've introduced two super-awesome product updates: one which paves the way for a revolution in app packaging, and the other which totally refreshes the look-and-feel of the app store...

We're more excited than ever for our customers to see what we've been working on at AppsanyWhere HQ. This release is centered around two of our key principles: simplicity and innovation.

Firstly, our development and packaging teams have been busy collaborating to engineer a way to introduce automation into the packaging process. And from directly within AppsAnywhere itself. We've never been satisfied that universities across the globe have to repetitively package the same apps over and over... and that's what we've set about changing!

Secondly, we want AppsAnywhere to continue to be the most innovative and inventive way that Higher Ed delivers apps to improve the IT service you give your students. So, in preparation for AppsAnywhere v3 in 2022, we've released an all-new UI theme. We've also made sure the previous UI is still there as a selectable theme, to give customers the choice of when you make the switch.

Keep reading to learn more about all of the updates in AppsAnywhere 2.11...

AppsAnywhere 2.11 live demo/webinar

AppsAnywhere's COO, Phil Morgan, showcases the new AppsAnywhere release, 2.11. This release features Automatic app licensing, new UI updates, and much more.

Automatic App Licensing

A revolution in app packaging that accelerates your deployment time.

With this eagerly-anticipated feature, many widely used Higher Ed apps can now be licensed automatically on launch by entering your license details directly into AppsAnywhere. And we're adding more of these ready-to-deploy apps all the time. We've got 22 ready-to-license apps that are fully tested and compatible with this new feature, including ArcGIS, Maple, NVivo, SPSS and Stata.

To get this new feature you'll need to upgrade to 2.11 and contact our Support Team to enable Automatic App Licensing in your portal.

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SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY (oh wait, we're already paying customers). This is an amazing feature, and as a packager, this will make all our lives easier!

Simply select, insert license code, and ready to go! Impressive. Well thought out. Well implemented.

All-new UI updates

A fresh look and feel for the app store.

We've introduced a new UI theme to update the overall look and feel of AppsAnywhere. The new designs reflect the upcoming v3 user interface, and we've also included a selectable theme so you can revert to the previous UI until you're ready to make the switch. We've built the new UI to make it even easier for students to get the apps they need. And we've got some even bigger plans for our v3 UI, so we'd love customer feedback on this new theme to help guide those plans...

Webinar/Workshop: A demo of the new AppsAnywhere UI >

Added OS support

Supporting the latest and greatest operating systems.

AppsAnywhere has been future-proofed to support a wider variety of upcoming platforms, so you can continue to support all your BYO users in a consistent way, regardless of their device or OS. This update brings added AppsAnywhere support for:

  • iOS 15
  • MacOS 12 Monterey
  • Android 12

AppsAnywhere 2.11 Features Brochure

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