Enhance the user experience of your existing VDI.

Deliver your Horizon virtual desktops and apps alongside your other application delivery mechanisms to access and manage everything from a single pane of glass, on any device, anywhere.

AppsAnywhere's VMware Integration

What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

Simply put, VDI is a way of delivering OS desktops (and apps), which are remotely located in a centralized data center, to users on any device. A form of Desktop Virtualization, VDI specifically uses Virtual Machines, allowing users to either connect to the same desktop every time for a personalized experience (Persistent VDI), or be presented with a completely new, fresh desktop each time they login (Non-Persistent VDI).

The benefits of this technology come with having a centralized desktop estate: making it easier for IT to manage and update all their computing environments, whilst providing a consistent and secure point of access for end-users, anywhere and on any device.

Supported VMware technologies

We’ve integrated with VMware’s proprietary technologies to improve how you deliver apps to end-users, including VMware Horizon (allowing access to both Horizon desktops and apps through AppsAnywhere) and VMware ThinApp (application virtualization technology).

VMware Horizon

Deploy both Horizon desktops and apps from directly within AppsAnywhere, giving your users one point of access for all their software.

VMware ThinApp

Isolate software from its native OS to eliminate application conflict, streamline application management and accelerate app deployment.

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Numecent Cloudpaging

Numecent Cloudpaging

Package and virtualize 100% of Windows apps with Numecent's Cloudpaging technology, the next-generation application virtualization tool.

Parallels RAS

Parallels RAS

With Parallels RAS (Remote Application Server) university IT can securely deploy Windows apps to any device, including macOS, iOS, Android and Chromebooks.