AppsAnywhere is an out of the box technology solution for instantly delivering existing software across the university.

Cloudpaging, the application virtualization part of AppsAnywhere, lets you create streamable and virtualized application sets from an original installer, MSI or executable. The AppsAnywhere server then controls and delivers those application sets to the clients, on the end-user's device.

Our unique technology runs apps on the client machine, manages the interaction with the apps and creates a virtual environment to execute the app. An isolation environment is a controlled virtual space that separates the application from the underlying operating system's resources, in order to prevent conflicts without compromising the functionality of the app.

Instead of using traditional 'push' technology (such as SCCM - Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager), or client-server-based solutions, to install or run entire apps, our technology responds to the user's requests for apps and immediately pulls that app to a user’s desktop, either phyiscal or virtual.

How does it do that?

Cloudpaging is a unique application delivery solution, which effectively 'streams' apps. The app is broken down into a number of individual segments (pages), and the initial delivery and launch of the app is achieved with a delivery of around 5-10% of the total app. The rest is 'paged' from the cloud on demand, or provisioned silently in the background (depending on the license type chosen for the app). This allows extremely fast launching of the app, even faster the second time around when the app has been cached – indistinguishable from the launch speed of a native (locally-installed) app!

Other benefits of virtualizing apps

Reduce or right-size VDI

Reduce or right-size VDI

Right-size or enhance your existing Higher Ed desktop virtualization or VDI solution by delivering software apps to any student with AppsAnywhere.

Reduce Your Image Size

Reduce Your Image Size

With Cloudpaging and application virtualization you separate the apps from the OS, so you can massively reduce the size of your image.

Virtualize 100% of Windows apps

Virtualize 100% of Windows apps

With AppsAnywhere's application virtualization technology you can virtualize all your Windows applications, and deliver them to students on-demand. 100%!

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Package and virtualize 100% of Windows apps with Numecent's Cloudpaging technology, the next-generation application virtualization tool.

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