In this 2-day introductory course, your trainer will show you how to Cloudify (aka package or virtualize) 
applications using Cloudpaging Studio. 

During the course, your trainer will share useful packaging tips and tricks.


  • Platform

    Microsoft Windows

  • Technology

    Cloudpaging Studio

  • Length


  • Delivery Method

    Lab/Classroom (on-site)

  • Language


  • Participants

    Maximum 8 Delegates

Audience profile

Training is for a maximum of 8 people and each delegate will need access to a workstation capable of running two virtual machines. Whilst attendees do not need any prior knowledge of application packaging, they must be comfortable using virtual machines and transferring files between a virtual machine and host.


A PC lab with a projector or display screen is the ideal location for this course. Alternatively, if attendees have laptops, a meeting room with presentation facilities is also suitable. Training can also be provided remotely via Microsoft Teams. The trainer will occasionally ask attendees to share their screens to cover questions or examples.

Course Outline


Day 1 is primarily instructor-led. Following introductions, your trainer will deliver a short presentation explaining Cloudpaging app virtualization and the theory behind it. The remainder of the day involves step-by-step packaging demonstrations. Using a selection of open-source apps, you'll learn the process and techniques used to virtualize applications.

- Introductions, presentation of AppsAnywhere & Cloudpaging Studio
- Packaging Audacity
- Packaging OpenOffice with Java
- Packaging Wireshark


Day 2 is a workshop for delegates to cloudify their own applications with the trainer on hand to help and guide. You can package any app you like, but whilst getting started it is recommended to choose simpler apps less than 500 Mb in size.

Please note: Attempting to cloudify large and complex apps (e.g., Adobe or Solidworks) is not
recommend, as this makes learning difficult and will tie up your machine for several hours.

- Attendees packaging selected applications
- Editing Cloudified applications and continue packaging
- Packaging Best Practices and continue packaging
- AppsAnywhere Support, Community & AA Library

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