We're pleased to offer customers a range of professional training courses and certifications for the app deployment experts and virtualization specialists among you, wherever you are!

Uniquely tailored using real-world examples from across Higher Ed, AppsAnywhere Training and Certification provides the knowledge and skills required to virtualize any application for delivery through AppsAnywhere.

Whether you're new to packaging apps, or experienced with legacy virtualization technologies such as App-V or ThinApp, our courses help take your packaging and app virtualization skills to the next level...

The AppsAnywhere CPA and CPE courses is the only official industry training and certification available for packaging software with our application virtualization technology.

Our expert training. Now delivered remotely.

We've redesigned our official training courses, especially for remote delivery, with an all-new structure and more flexible, per-person pricing.

Redesigned course format...

Until we can get back onto campuses to deliver in-person training, we've restructured our training courses to be delivered online. They've been rebuilt from the ground up to be more agile and convenient and to accommodate the remote delivery format.

The course will be delivered through industry-standard online platforms, complete with engagement tools and chat sections. Most importantly, they'll be just as interactive as when delivered in person! For attendees to get the most out of our training team, we're operating a maximum of 8 people per session. That's to make sure you get the same collaborative experience as the course's in-person counterpart.

All-new course structure...

In order to help make remote/online delivery of the courses more agile, convenient and comfortable for attendees, the AppsAnywhere CPA course will be delivered as 8 half days (rather than the 5 full days of our in-person course). This will take place from 9am through to 1pm, for ET, GMT and CET time zones.

More flexible pricing...

The remote AppsAnywhere CPA course is now priced per-person, to give customers more flexibility for smaller teams. It's priced at $1,150/£875 per-person, which includes all the resources and materials you need, as well as covering the certification fees. Attendees who pass the CPA exam will receive a personalized certificate to showcase their skills and expert knowledge!

Our Courses

Browse our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Courses for application deployment specialists, virtualization experts and software packaging gurus everywhere.

Complete the Certified Packaging Associate (CPA) and Certified Packaging Expert (CPE) level certifications, then go on to earn the coveted AppsAnywhere Community Award of Accredited Master Packager (AMP).

AppsAnywhere Associate

For those new to AppsAnywhere's virtualization tools, or even new to application packaging completely, this course covers the core features of the product and will have you virtualizing apps in no time.

This introductory course is included as part of all our new customer implementations and includes the AppsAnywhere Associate certification and induction into the AppsAnywhere Community.

Learn more about the AppsAnywhere Associate course.

Certified Packaging Associate (CPA)

This course is for Information Technology professionals who use Cloudpaging Studio to package apps into virtual appsets. Additionally, this course builds skills for third and fourth-line engineers who support Windows desktop and BYOD.

Course delegates have the opportunity to validate their skills by taking the AppsAnywhere Certified Packaging Associate (CPA) Certification, and may then continue to further training towards the Certified Packaging Expert (CPE) Certification. Those with the CPE Certification can go on to earn Accredited Master Packager (AMP) status, awarded annually to highly-skilled packagers who contribute to the AppsAnywhere library. 

Course Code: S2-9092

Learn more about the AppsAnywhere Certified Packaging Associate (CPA) course.

Certified Packaging Expert (CPE)

Already experienced with AppsAnywhere's virtualization tools? This course builds on your existing knowledge by introducing the more advanced features of our application virtualization toolset.

Drawing on real-world examples, learn how to overcome common obstacles to virtualization, and optimize your appsets to deliver the best possible end-user experience.

Course Code: AA-CPE-9093

Learn more about the AppsAnywhere Certified Packaging Expert (CPE) Course.

Accredited Master Packager (AMP)

AppsAnywhere Community Award

The AppsAnywhere Community brings together EdTech specialists from around the world, working to achieve a common goal: to improve student outcomes by delivering any app, to any device, anywhere, anytime.

One of the great benefits of our community is the sharing of knowledge, including app virtualization recipes and templates. Together, we can virtualize 100% of apps and deliver one awesome end-user experience!

Accredited Master Packager status is awarded annually to leading app virtualization experts from across EdTech who make a significant contribution to the AppsAnywhere Community.

AppsAnywhere's Certification courses validate your skills with AppsAnywhere's virtualization tools, giving you professional accreditation and recognition for your work. We'll also help you conquer even the most complex of software apps!

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