Deliver your key academic software apps off-campus and enable distance, online and remote working.

More and more univeristies worldwide are making their courses 'virtual' by moving to online and distance learning models. For these students to be succesful, it's important they have the same access to key software apps as students on-campus. 

Give students access to software off-campus and on their own device. 

Many courses require specialist applications for students to get their work done. Whether it's SPSS, AutoCAD, Adobe, MATLAB or ArcGIS for example, students need these applications to do the work set for them by their professors, and so that they're prepared for their eventual world of work!

Most universities find ways to make those software titles available on campus, but few have found the right approach to distributing those software apps to students off-campus or at home. So what's the solution when students can't get to campus labs? How do they access university-licensed software from anywhere, anytime?

You might think the immediate solution is a fully-blown high-horsepower VDI solution, to support all those remote students. But in reality, maintaining that kind of server infrastructure is difficult for IT and usually provides a sub-par student experience. 

Deliver your academic software titles off-campus and give your 'online learning' students the exact same experience as if they were on campus. You already use other technologies to stream lectures to remote students and give them access to other resources. Give them an easy way to access their software remotely and the student experience will be awesome!

Deliver campus lab software off-campus

Using AppsAnywhere to intelligently deploy software using a variety of built-in delivery methods can help take your specialist lab apps off-campus! And using AppsAnywhere's licensing controls, you can set the restrictions around which apps are and aren't available in which locations. 

Deliver campus lab software off-campus
Repurpose dedicated lab real estate

Repurpose dedicated campus labs

By freeing your software from campus labs, you can also achieve huge efficiency and student experience gains when it comes to managing your actual campus labs. Make any app available on any device and remove the need for those specialist labs that are only available to a small number of students.

Make your labs accessible 'virtually'

Let your students collaborate, work and learn by having the apps come to your students wherever they are, rather than the other way around! Students no longer need to go to a set lab space and instead can ‘create’ their own ‘labs’ wherever they choose, making collaboration and flexible learning even easier.

Create 'virtual' labs

Deliver all apps to remote students from a centralized location

Distribute all your university or college software apps from a centralized location, to students anywhere and anytime. Give students a clear point of access for all their apps off campus and let them get their work done, wherever they are, whatever the circumstances.

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Deliver software to any student off campus and enable distance learning
Deliver on-demand and reduce the load on support

Reduce student support tickets

By providing a clear, centralized point of access for all software off-campus, you'll reduce the burden on your IT helpdesk for support enquiries relating to software access. Deliver your key apps off-campus to students, on-demand, and give students the software they need, when they need it.

Reduce hardware investment cycles

By freeing your apps from labs and enabling online learning, IT needs to image and maintain fewer dedicated campus labs. That means hardware refresh cycles are fewer and further between, as you can take advantage of student-owned (BYO) devices.

Reduce unnecessary hardware investment cycles
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Tech Specs

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